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My name is Kenneth George Dill, originally from Jamaica, I have been living on the island of Dominica since October of 1982. I do not consider myself a poet but a person who writes poetry when I am inspired to do so. Sometimes I am asked to explain or define the things I write, for me poetry is linguistic artistry, it can be esoteric, didactic, factual, symbolic or instructive and cannot be explained in a 2 + 2 = 4 context.
With my daughters Felicia and Valdene during their young years

Within my soul there is a great loneliness which yearns for something more sublime than the stars, something vaster than the farthest outreaches of space, this loneliness burns within me like a raging unquenchable fire, I feel like I am two different persons trying to resolve their irresolvable differences, I have tried to explain it in a poem called Requiem For My Soul

During the journey of my life, I have always been fascinated by my interactions and relationships with the many people who have passed through my life.

With Mick Jagger and friends

People have intrigued, inspired, challenged and motivated me to always look deeper into my own consciousness, looking for answers as to how I can elevate my mind to transcend or circumvent the obstacles which life so often lay across my path, obstacles which are like chasms between me, society, religion, partisan politics and even the very people whom I so desperately want to unconditionally love.

Handshake of the friends. Stop racism. Stock vector illustration.

It is good to love all people because we are part of the human family but sometimes we meet those rare, unique and special souls who help us to truly appreciate our capacity to love because loving them feels so good and so right.

Birthdays remind us that we came into this life from a source,
We usually identify that source as our parents.
Though it is not wrong to credit our parents with our arrival
into this sphere; if we truly understand life then we would know that our parents were merely conduits through which we passed to walk upon this earth.

I have posted on this blog a collection of poems, prose, letters, and short stories which I have written over the last 45 – 50 years, please read them and leave your comments, positive or negative.

One of my objectives is to bring to the awareness of people who visit my blog, how divided the world is on race, religion and politics. We are witnessing the “Black Lives Matter” Revolution spreading all over the world, I have written about it and some of my blog visitors believe that I am not supportive of “Black Lives Matter” which is totally false.

I do support “Black Lives Matter” but I have a holistic approach to racial discrimination, yes I believe that we should condemn racism, fight it and defend ourselves against it when necessary but the greater goal should be to see the unification of all races occupying the planet because until all humans acknowledge that “All Lives Matter“, the world will never know true unity and peace.

Every opportunity I Have, I will expose racism and racial injustices on this blog, that is a pledge and solemn promise because I believe “The Earth is one Country and all humans are its citizens” any group of people who think of themselves as racially superior to others they are deluding themselves.

We must confront and vehemently denounce racism of any kind, there must be no tolerance for this hateful and divisive ideology.

Cherokee Village North Carolina 2018

My dream is to build an unified coalition of people who can understand and accept that regardless of the colour of our skins, we are all human beings and “we have a right to be here, no less than the trees and the stars”

We come into this life to learn about ourselves and the things around us, it is our duty to regulate our life styles according to the knowledge we acquire.

It is essential that we pursue the complete and total liberation of our minds, to arrive at a transcendental state of consciousness, from which we can encompass the evanescence of conditions, then extricate ourselves from the frivolity of the moral, social and psychological embranglement, which we encounter daily.

Let us all join together in the fight against racism, prejudices and social injustices.

Be like panda. Black, white, asian and full of love – vector cute lettering doodle handwritten on theme of antiracism, protesting against racial inequality. For flyers, stickers, t-shirt.

With Mick and James Jagger

With Mona George-Dill

With Mavis Nolbron, Mona George-Dill, Alix Peter and Roslyn Bowers

A Photo Gallery Of My Life In Transition

At the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

This is the coalition I want to build to fight racism and prejudice

“My Life In Transition”

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