Briefly, it has been long suspected that pesticides contribute to Parkinson’s. Fluoride is a major industrial pesticide, such as in the case of sulfuryl fluoride4-5, so much so that (reportedly) President Obama has suggested curtailing fluoride’s use as a pesticide because of the possible over consumption of fluoride. Fluoride is a major pesticide5A in widespread use.

So two sisters I know, Fluorine and Chlorine walk into your local brain and say, “let’s do lunch.”


The halogen, iodine has an affinity for the melanin sites within the epidermis, while fluoride, another halogen, has an affinity for the melanin within the hair (fluoride inhibits zinc from being deposited in hair6,7,8), eyes, and the pituitary gland9,10 in the brain. I know the former is true. (Is the Substantia Nigra which Parkinson’s destroys, loaded with melanin, affected as well – or just destroyed with increased aluminum, calcium, and copper?)


Fluoride suppresses adequate amounts of zinc in the body11 and brain12, “Zinc contents in the cerebrum were also gradually decreased with the increase of tea leaves dose and tea concentration”.15 In the brain, simply, an increase in zinc decreases copper, but that imbalance may be subtle, and the toxicity that takes place occurs over years. Fluoride may increase copper2021 in the brain18; copper feeds amyloid plaque20A.{From what I can tell, fluoride may simply interfere with proper copper balance in the brain – but is definitely implicated in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. (I have given many links for your own research.)} “The substantia nigra is a brain structure located in the mesencephalon (midbrain) that plays an important role in reward, addiction, and movement. Substantia nigra is Latin for “black substance”, reflecting the fact that parts of the substantia nigra appear darker than neighboring areas due to high levels of neuromelanin in dopaminergic neurons. Parkinson’s disease is characterized by the death of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra pars compacta.16Flouride inhibites the deposit of Zinc in the brain and increases copper, which may be involved in the destruction of the Substantia Nigra”17. Copper folds protein into precursors of Parkinson’s plaques.* Standard tests for copper will not give you an accurate level of copper in the case of Parkinson’s! (There are “deep” tests you must take.) On an important side note: it is said that a loss smell is a precursor of Parkinson’s – another result of fluoride’s interference (which can also interfere with the sense of taste.) Fluoride leaches copper from pipes, which increases your daily copper dose.19If you want to mess up electrical signals, try destroying the ratio of zinc to copper.22

“An article in the Townsend Letter, by George J. Brewer, MD and John D. MacArthur, outlines a hypothesis thatinorganic copper toxicityis a major factor in the AD epidemic. They document the connection and mechanism of inorganic copper’s toxicity, and give prevention suggestions to avoid AD and lessen the cognitive losses.” (AD=Alzheimer’s Disease)


“Magnesium is at the very centre of the body’s reactions to fluoride from all sources. Fluoride “chelates” (chemically “grabs”) magnesium in the body, making the magnesium unavailable for its many functions. Magnesium in turn, protects against fluoride toxicity.”9 Fluoride replaces magnesium in the bones.9A Magnesium and calcium modulate muscle contraction. Fluoride disrupts this through magnesium “grabbing”.

Fluoride, it’s good for what kills you!

While brushing with fluoride kills bacteria, so does brushing with arsenic and gasoline. Why not coat the teeth with uranium and glow in the dark?

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