A World Without Water

No country should allow mining and industrial activities to contaminate and pollute the water sources of the country.
Jamaican people never pass up an opportunity to declare “No Mining In The Cockpit Country”

No country should privatize water and create a situation whereby the people of the country cannot afford to have water.
Some examples of this, are in Bolivia and India.

Water is the indispensable gift of the earth to the people who inhabit the land.
Water is essential to the survival of all life and it should be protected, not controlled, manipulated polluted and exploited by multinational corporations and billionaires who have no interest in the well being of the masses.

This video, encapsulates what the world is facing, we are losing our water because of selfishness and greed.

We are seemingly caught up in an inescapable vortex of environmental destruction precipitated by human greed and selfishness, the acquisition of money supersedes the well being of the planet and its inhabitants.

I am very certain that all governments in the world are aware of the importance, nay rather the indispensability of water.

They are aware of how mining, the use of agro chemicals, pesticides and and industrial activities negatively impact on rivers, streams aquifers, the oceans of the world and on almost all water sources.

They are not blind, they can see what is happening in the world, they can see how mercury is affecting the marine life globally.

Water borne diseases is becoming one of the most common cause of illness and death in the so called “third world” yet in the face of all this undeniable and irrefutable evidence that water is under threat globally, governments are still directly and indirectly supporting environmentally harmful practices which they know are harmful to our water sources.

Jamaica and Dominica are probably the two countries in the English Speaking Caribbean, with the most natural sources of water. Dominica presently is far ahead of Jamaica in protecting its water sources.

For my Jamaican friends who are presently fighting to protect the Cockpit Country from Bauxite Mining, I salute you and I wish with all my heart that I could be there to demonstrate and protest with you.

When a government engages in any activity which harms the environment, threatens the health of the people, their livelihood, the air they breathe, the integrity of the land on which they grow their food, that government is abdicating its mandate and responsibility to defend and protect its subjects.

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