Jamaica Reflections

Jamaica 21-31 August 2019

Though sometimes you made a fuss
By plane car and bus
You trusted and followed me
Over the vastness of land and sea
To Jamaica the land of my birth
For your first visit to this gem on Mother Earth

Like a trooper you traversed with me to and fro
Never complaining about how far we had to go
From Ochi to Mandeville, Black River and Negril
Nothing could dampen your resolve and will
I still muse at the smile on your face, when
You ate ackee and salt fish at the “Lion’s Den’

Sorry Boston Jerk Center was such a let down
Even I had to scowl and frown
Still all was not lost for within easy reach
Was that little cozy place on the beach
Where we sat and gazed out at the sea
Feeling so tranquil liberated and free

From Blue Lagoon to Kingston, along the way
A welcome respite was lunch in Long Bay
The surf pounding on the sand
Echoed many sentiments of my homeland
To share all this with you
Was like a dream come true

When we reached Port Royal, though shadows were falling
We could hear the spirits of pirates calling
Lamenting the destruction of their city
On which nature had no pity
History tells of how Port Royal sank beneath the sea
Leaving us to ponder on how many must have fought to be free

Kingston which so much you wanted to see
Is a place I would rather not be
But in the absence of nature’s light
I agreed to spend the night
When night surrendered to day
It felt good that to anywhere else we were on our way

So happy I am that you were with me
To meet the Grants and Wendy Lee
Kindred spirits they are
We share an affinity though from afar
For Jamaica the land we love
Our homeland which only God we place above

Overjoyed I was to see descendants from the house of Dill
Who came to us of their own free will
So many years have passed
Since I saw them last
Seeing them again made me rejoice anew
Like dry Blades of grass besprinkled by dew

So calm you were on our last day
As we made our way to Montego Bay
In silence we drove me and you
To keep our date with Jet Blue
Special memories I know we’ll always share
Even if I am here and you are there


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