What is the baha’i faith?

What Do Baha’is Believe?

  • The oneness of humanity
  • Independent investigation of the truth
  • The harmony of science and religion
  • Gender equality
  • One essential foundation for all religions
  • Universal compulsory education
  • The abolition of the extremes of wealth and poverty

People often ask

What is the Baha’i Faith?

The Baha’i Faith is a dynamic world religion with several million adherents from a variety of different religious and cultural backgrounds. The central figure of the religion is Baha’u’llah, and Baha’is consider him to be the latest in a series of divine messengers. His writings, which promote peace and unity, are at the heart of the Baha’i Faith.

Principles and Beliefs

Baha’u’llah taught that there is only one God, there is only one human race, and that all the world’s religions represent stages in the revelation of God’s will and purpose for humanity. God, who in his essence is unknowable, can be made known to man through manifestations through His messenger, including Abraham, Krishna, Moses, Zoroaster, Jesus, Muhammad, the Bab, and Baha’u’llah. Baha’ u’llah being the most recent in this succession of divine Messengers. All these messengers were sent at various stages of human progress as part of a divine plan to educate the human race. Essentially, they all taught an identical truth.

Blessed is the Spot and the house, and the place, and the city, and the heart, and the mountain, and the refuge, and the cave, and the valley, and the land, and the sea, and the island, and the meadow where mention of God hath been made, and His praise glorified.


So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.


Yá Bahá’u’l-Abhá “O Glory of the All-Glorious”

Yá `Aliyyu’l-‘Ala “O Exalted of the most Exalted One”

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