Covidious Paralensis

If in dreaming you lose hope

When you awake, strive to cope

Find a way to be strong

Be not dismayed about what went wrong

Pull up your sleeves and fight

To make all the wrongs right

If when through the window you gaze

All you can see is fog and haze

Try opening wide the door

And look not at the floor

Raise your eyes toward the sun

It may guide you to what must be done

When others complain and cry

So much harder must you try

Never in idleness sit forlorn and still

Bring forth your fortitude and will

From your challenges never retreat

Only in perseverance them will you defeat

Do not be frivolous and have not a care

But let not a virus make you live in fear

Causing you to wear a permanent frown

Like you are auditioning to be a clown

Do what you must to protect yourself I say

If you believe in God for strength you should pray



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