Enters Michael

Enters Brother Michael.

Dare Berney

It look like you figat dat you faada hav a son name Mike, me, you bredda, you cum a Jumaka and spen de hole a Janiwery and haff a Febiwery wakin roun de place twangin like you a wite man an you neva tink sey you cud cum a Linstid an luk fe me.

Me hear sey dat now you an you madda an you sista weh you madda hav wid a nedda man the wan weh liv a Englan a qaarel, becase you a play big shat pan dem.
In Jumaka we sey “cackroch noh ha bisnis a fowl fite” but even doh me dont like you madda, me want to waan you, nat becase you hav you good edication an you can taak big words you is betta dan she.

Me no see a wheh you faada wen see ina she but wen im lef unuh and go a Panama a she tek care a you.
You hav to respek her an treet her like she is you madda, as fi dat facey sista you hav a Englan de wan weh a nurse, me no like a bone inna she, all afa sudden she a gwaan like she stush, wen me was in Englan wan day she pass me strate in Landan like she no see me.

Me hope she wen you wen daah a Jumaka, you wen go a St. Mary to see bout the pice a lan daddy leff for us a Plantas Hall, ef you no pay the taxes govament a go tek e wey.
Berney, me want likkle help fram you, tings bad wit me, wan gal fram Clarendan teef up all me money and run way, me hay say a Damanika she dey a hide inna wan village name Laplane.

Wan Jumaikan elektrican weh a work a Daminika since afta di harricane see she a Roseau inna wan supamakit.

Befo the virus mek dem shut dung ebryting mia beg you fi sen me wan tikit to Daminika, so me can go fine dat gal and get bak me money.

Buk me pan any flite fram Kingstung to Antiga and pan Liat fram Antiga to Damanika, me noh want you fi sey mea badda you but me need likkle money to traival wit.
You can sen di infamashan to you fren Randy Maash him will contak me a Linstid.

Fram your poor bredda


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