Bernice to Bernie 1

Dear Bernard,

What is going on between you and Mama, she called me last night crying on the phone about how you write letter to her cursing her up using big words you know she can’t understand so good.
You have always been uppity because of your so called higher education and your ability to use big words.

My mother is a simple lady from Richards Pen who had to drop out of Primary School when your father took advantage of her and got her pregnant and because he was the Bacra’s son he got away with sexually abusing an under age girl.
Your father ruined my mother’s life by getting her pregnant and taking her to live with him when she should have been in school.

I may not have gone to big school like you but I am a certified registered nurse, with all your education, what have you achieved? you cannot fool and confuse me with your fancy talk and big words.
Instead of being tolerant and accommodating to your mother’s limited vocabulary and inability to spell
some words correctly, you attack and upset the lady and make her feel like a fool.
So what if my mother was having an affair with Colin Miller, while your father was going over the place breeding all the young girls from Labyrinth through Gayle and Lucky Hill, at least they were consenting adults.

Let me tell you something Bernard I am a descent woman but when you mess with my mother you are tempting me to let go my tongue on you and then you will hear some real Jamaican jump out a mi mout.

You are telling my mother about using dictionary to learn to spell properly, you father is the reason why she never had a proper education like you had.
I am your half sister but I am nothing like you, you are a pompous empty shell blowing your own trumpet.

I want to see that letter you wrote to Mama, I want to read it myself word for word, I will ask Randy Marsh to scan it and email me a copy, when I read it for myself I will know how to deal with you.

I used to be your sister


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