Bernie to Mama 2

Dear Mama,

Now I must tell you about my trip to New York, I left the same night I told you that my flight was canceled.
I believe that they either changed the plane or disinfected the same one with the Virus.

We arrived in New York about 1.45 in the morning, Mama if you see the amount of people in the airport, you would feel sorry for me, you know that the pair of black shoes Ranny gave me was a little tight and lawd they squeeze my feet till I was seeing red.

I had to be standing on my two feet for hours trying to clear immigration, the line was full of people coming in from Europe trying to beat the deadline set by the President.
I smiled when I saw some of them looking nervous in the line, I was not nervous at all because I have my Green Card.
By the time I got home I was so tired, I just dropped down in the bed and fall a sleep.

The bad news is that the Peanut Factory where I work to bag peanuts said that I should not come into work because of the Virus, I saw on the TV that they were allowing some people to work from home, so I asked my boss If I could work from home too.

Can you believe the lady had the gall to tell me that she would not allow me to take the peanuts and the bags to my house.
She did not say so directly but I am sure she thought that I would thief some of the peanut or sell some on the side.

Lawd Mama this Virus is becoming a problem, now that I cannot work, I will not be able to send you the money I promised you.
Mama, I don’t know what is happening here in New York, all the shops and restaurants are closed and no body is walking on the streets, can you believe even the KFC down the street from me is closed.

It is a good thing I have the fried fish and bammy I brought with me form Black River.
I think I will have to go over to the Green Acres Mall and try to get a job at Walmart, it is close to where my aunt lives on Hook Creek Boulevard in Rosedale, so if I get the job I can stay with her when I am working, only one problem, I don’t like that dog she have in the yard there.

Oh by the way Mama, I hear that Miss Inez daughter Mina just had a baby for Percy from Richards Pen, you remember when she used to say “him no have no ambition” now she have his child.

Mama mi bukup Cissy from from Browns Town she lives in the Bronx now, she say “make sure you tell you madda howdy fi mi”
Same old Cissy, she still look good but her belly getting a little big and it look like she dye her hair for the last time I saw her she had one big patch a gray hair now her whole head black.

Mama I do not want you to fret for me, I will be fine, I heard that the President have a place in Florida called Mara Largo, they have one big golf course there, my friend Sammy has to drive a trailer truck down to Florida next week, I may go with him and see if I can get a job at Mara Largo.

Mama you see how life is funny, I had my good job at the Peanut Factory and now because of a Virus I have no job and cannot even work from home.

Kiss Becky for me and I will write again soon

Your son


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