Isolation 3

Watching the world turn upside down
I do not scowl and frown
Of myself I am trying to get a grip
As I reluctantly cancel my foreign trip

I don’t at all find it funny
Jet Blue refuses to refund my money
I think to them I am going to be rude
I need money to pay bills and buy food

Thankfully I have the gift to write
Expressing words of love and not of spite
Daily I awake to greet the rising sun
And begin to count the hours till the day is done

Of boredom not ever feel I a trace
Gleefully I focus on washing my hands and face
Yes, my loved ones I sometimes sorely miss
To comfort myself to them I often blow a cyber kiss

From the recesses of my mind
Solace and peace I always find
Never a need ever found I
To mope pout lament or cry

Though uncertainty looms so large
Of my equanimity I am still in charge
No need to get drunk or high
To keep my sobriety I will always try


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