Isolation Delusion

More update from my isolation

I am not having a good day today; you already know about what happened this morning.

I am a very observant person and I listen carefully to what people say.
Since the Corona Virus emerged, many world leaders have referred to it as the “invisible enemy” now consider this, the world without hesitation has accepted the concept of an “invisible enemy” but I am crazy because I have created an invisible tennis ball (which I have lost by the way)

Many methods have been suggested to keep ourselves safe from the Corona Virus.
They say that bleach kills the virus, so I bought 3 gallons of bleach to be used as a method to kill “the invisible enemy.”

Today I went to a meeting where there were other persons besides myself present, most people were not wearing masks and those with masks were using them to cover parts of their bodies other than their noses and mouths, maybe this is a new protective method which I have not heard of yet, most likely CNN will be talking about this new method soon.

I am a practical man at least that is what I believe, I follow recommendations carefully.

When I returned home, I left my shoes outside and after removing what was left of my laundered money, I hung my pants in the sun, that is one of the suggestions given.

My absolute and seemingly irreversible shock almost floored me when my black shirt which I was soaking in bleach to kill the virus turned to a colour resembling red, even the green KHATTS logo turned to a kind of red.

I have not been able to wash out the red, so the shirt is no longer black.

Now there is the hype about sanitizing your cell phones, I did not have enough sanitizers to de-virus both my phones, I remembered it was said that the virus “cannot live in heat”.
I put one cell phone in the pot of boiling water in which I intended to steam my face.
I am not sure if the boiling water really killed the virus, but the phone no longer works.
After all this drama, I took my laptop and decided to do some research, while watching a video on YouTube, the video stopped playing and I could not re-start it, the back button no longer worked as a matter of fact the computer stopped functioning.

I called the technician who normally fixes my computers, after explaining to him what was going on, he told me that the computer was “frozen” frozen! how could that be! I already had to take off my watch because it was so hot.

I am not sure if my credulity was exacerbated by what may have been a momentary accelerated phase of my evanescence.
I decided that If enemies can be invisible maybe computers can be frozen.
I poured the rest of the boiling water over the laptop now like the phone it no longer works.

Today is one of those days when, if I was not at home I would want to go home.

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