Letter Exchanges

Dear Mama, I just reached the airport, the bus took over 2 hours to get here because the driver had to let off two people who were sneezing none stop, they and the driver got into a fight and he said that he had to stop to get hand sanitizer to clean his hands because he touched those people.

We stopped at four different pharmacies but they were all out of hand sanitizers, I eventually lent him my red soap to wash his hands at the stand pipe by the roadside.

I am at the airport in the line with many people hoping to board the plane, some of them are desperately trying to hold in their need to sneeze or cough because they are very scared that the security people will put them in quarantine.

Please tell Becky to make sure that she washes her hands with the red soap before she eats anything and avoid shaking hands with people who may be infected with the virus.

I placed an order with Amazon for some masks which should be arriving soon make sure that you and Becky wear one when you have to go into town.
Don’t bother to give any to Grandma because she is 88 and already have heart problems and high blood pressure.

Use the money I left you to stock up on Toilet paper, salt fish, flour and rice.
They just announced that the flight to New York is canceled because somebody arriving on the plane had the Virus.

I got a text from Mikey saying that he is stuck in Spain and cannot get flights to come home.
Look there is a lady beside me coughing and blowing her nose, I am trying to move away from her but the crowd so thick, Lord I hope I don’t catch this Virus. I will let you know if I can get a connection to New York tomorrow, thank God I have my Green Card so they will have to let me in when I arrive.

Mama, please don’t worry about me, I know my runnings, when I get to new York I will send you some money and please don’t let uncle Frank fool you into lending him money because you know well that he will never pay you back, all he will do is take the money and drink rum because people tell him that rum will prevent him from getting the Virus.

Hug Becky for me and tell her to behave herself

Your son


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