Mama to Bernie

Dear Bernard,

Me was disapinted with your laas lettar, I was dependin on the likkle money you promas to sen me but all I get is emty lettar.
All dis time you in New Yark, is peenut faktry you workin, all the money me spen on you to get a good edication, you leff to go an work in peenut faktry in New Yark.
Your sistar Bernice in Englan a big nurse workin in haaspital makin good money, almos every mont she sen me postal arda for twenty poun wey me take an by food for you dauter.
You shud rememba dat me getting ole now an you dauter is growin up an want money to luk aftar sheself, the lass cake a red soap you leff for she dun now.

Fram the time you kech home all you taak bout is virus, virus, now you bak in New York is virus, virus, you jus like you faada always findin excusese for eberyting.
Wen you wrer in Chicago it was gang vilence stappin you from workin, now you in New York is virus.

I wanda wat will stap you wen you go a Flarida, if you tink sey the president goin give you jab at Mara Lagro, wake up, him no have time for peeple like you dat have no ambishan.
Since is peenut faktry you like to work in you shud come bak home and go plant peenut on the pece of lan at Jubralta and oopen you own peenut faktry.

You bredda Mical in Linstid make wan yung gal teef aff all him money and now him a liv like paapa, good ting him getting wan likkle penshan from Englan ebery mont.
Me no you a go bex wen you reed me letta but a de trute me tellin you.

If you go a Flarida you can chek me sista Esmie she in Sunrise, she husban have wan grarage fixin cars myabe him can giv you likkle work till you get a prappa jab, me will sen you she numba wen she call me agin me will get har numba an sen it for you.

You a me son and me luv you but me have to tell you de trute becase me want you to betta youself.

Sense you leff all Beky do is cry sey she missin har faada, the mada neva eben come to peep on her, me here sey she hab wan nue man fram Mile Gully now and she prigant agin, me glad sey you wen hab sence to leff dat oman.

Try you bess an sen me a likkle money soon

From you Mather


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