Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers Day To MothersTaken from my Facebook post of 2020

As we celebrate Mother’s Day I cannot help but to reflect on the turbulent journey in the life and evolution of women, the most mistreated, abused, victimized, brutalized and exploited human beings to have existed on planet earth.Sadly today there are still places in the world where the only right that a woman has is that which is given to her by her husband, or a decadent male dominated system which sometimes even denies women the right to be scholastically educated or to be given a licence to drive a car.

I remember as a young boy, it was a shocking thing to see a woman driving a car, some men would not go to see a female doctor, a woman who went to church with her head uncovered was “insulting God”, it was an “abomination” for a woman to whistle.It was an almost accepted norm for a man to beat his wife, the wife who bore his children and cared for them.

The irony of this is that women have been the fountain head of humanity, from the fecundity of her womb all generations past and present came into being, so too will posterity grace the earth because of women.

A woman bears a child inside her womb for nine months before it emerges to take its first breath in the world outside, even for this alone we should give our thanks and praises to women.

From the milk of her breast that child is nourished until it can fend for itself, yet sometimes that same child as a man will join the procession of those who oppress and abuse women.

Women, mothers, today I celebrate and congratulate you, I pay tribute to you, thank you for your contribution to life, thank you for the sacrifices you have made for the advancement of humanity.

Today I want to make special mention of Heather Warburton, the woman who bore my children, thank you and may you always be blessed.To my daughter Valdine, the mother of my precious grandsons, I salute you and send you my love and best wishes.

I am proud to be the son of a woman, though the woman who gave birth to me no longer walks beneath the same sun which brightens my day, I am ever mindful of her, her memory will never slip beyond my active recollection like an irretrievable stone.

I send a special mother’s day wish to Sonia Lander, if I was ever to be re-born, I would like someone like you to be my mother. To Karen Makvandi and Racquel Raae, blessings to you.

Yesterday I said to a friend that if I was to call all the women I know to wish them happy mother’s day, I would have had to start since last week, he said to me “use social media” So here I am on Social Media, wishing all mothers a happy mothers day.

Truly, if I listed the individual names of all the wonderful mothers I know, Facebook would not have enough space or bandwidth to support the post! Mothers wherever you are, please be assured that I have a special place in my heart for each and everyone of you.All good wishes and a word of love from


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