Response to Clement James

I am responding to a Face Book post by Clem James

Clem, I have thoroughly read your post in relation to comments made by Karl Nassief and others; here are my comments:

In a crisis such as the one posed by the COVID 19 Pandemic, there will always be conflicting viewpoints on what to do or not do, I do not believe that anyone wants to deliberately facilitate the proliferation of this virus, the world is in a quandary, struggling to find solutions to stop, contain, or mitigate the effects of the disease.

I can concur with you that yes, healthier eating habits will strengthen people’s immune systems, but the virus will not wait for that to happen, nor does it differentiate between those who have strong or weak immune systems.

Yes, eating in a manner to strengthen ones immune system is the most efficacious way to have good health but people have been eating unhealthy foods for generations and that will not change for generations to come.

Let us all be sagacious here and rationalize this crisis, for example in 2010, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I chose to take medications and radiation treatment which I unconditionally abhor, but 11 years later I am still alive and cancer free. In a population where such a high percentage of the people have unhealthy eating habits and maybe have weak immune systems, if the vaccine offers them some protection from the VIRUS, I suggest that they get vaccinated.

This does not mean that I am retreating from my position of advocating healthy eating habits, but sometimes the exigency of a situation requires a radical change in our actions.

People do not normally walk around with umbrellas but if it is raining they will use an umbrella, right now I say it is raining heavily globally.

This crisis is above and beyond Karl Nassief, the government or anyone else, COVID 19 is on a rampage to destroy people. As individuals, we have a responsibility not only to ourselves, but to our families and our communities, to do what is necessary to protect them.

I do not believe that vacation is a miraculous lodestone to eradicate COVID 19, but the science has shown it helps to mitigate the virulence of the virus, for the elderly, those with weak immune systems, underlying conditions, and people who have high risk exposure occupations, getting vaccinated should be seriously considered but it should be their choice not mandated.

Let me be clear here, I am vaccinated but I do not believe that being vaccinated makes me or anyone immune to COVID 19, there are many other things we need to do to protect ourselves and others.

Finally Clem, even if all the supermarkets suddenly start selling all organic and healthy foods tomorrow, COVID 19 will not immediately become less truculent and pernicious.

I 100 percent support your recommendation to adopt healthy eating habits and lifestyles but that will take years of education to accomplish, right now the world is wallowing in the putrid sea of COVID 19, if vaccination is a lifeline to those who are drowning, let them grab it, if they choose to do so.


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