Chapter One: Anginor land of the Aginorian People

The story of the Aginorian people began in the ancient land of Anginor, this was before the changing of the world as it became known to the children of men. Now the land of Anginor was beyond the reach of all other lands for Muklatar “the Ancient and Imperishable” had purposed that it would be the Haven and place of learning for the Aginorian People until it was time for them to go beyond the seas to “the outer world”.

The length of Anginor was seventy Leagues and its breadth five and forty leagues, all the land was surrounded by the great sea of Balcaaras. Running in the centre of Anginor almost from north to south like a backbone, were the great mountains of Jal en Munkajar, Jal El Lukinor the highest peak was over fifteen thousand feet high. From out of the eastern centre of this great mountain range the mighty river Lunenwash flowed into the Bay of Elcaabas. It was believed that the waters of the Lunenwash was holy and could rejuvenate even the aged.

Women who were infertile were said to have conceived after bathing in the Lunenwash. Winding its way form out of the western side of the mountains, the Mujenwash,flowed into the Bay of Asdocaabas and the coast of Nunandranath. The Mujenwash was navigable by boat almost up to the high lands beneath the Jal En Munkajar. Anginor was a land of many rivers and waterfalls, the Jal En Candas falls tumbled over three thousand feet into the Musconandas valley on the western side, creating the Entenlunkash river which later flowed into the Mujenwash.

The northern half of Anginor was covered by the enchanted Forrest called Govendreb. It was believed that the Aratars often went into Govendreb to seek the will of Muklatar. None save the wise among the Aginorians ventured into Govendreb. From where the Jal En Munkajar mountain range stopped in the south, the plains of Sunjakatan began and ran all the way to the Bay of Recaabas. The city of Esconjudar was located on the southern coast of Andocaabas which meant “bay of golden sand”. The city was the centre of social cultural, commercial and religious activities. The market place was a bustling place of activities where one could find fruits and vegetables of every kind that grew in Anginor.

The House of worship where religious services were held was perched on a cliff overlooking the bay, it was one of the architectural marvels of the city and the largest structure in all Anginor. The Aginorians were devoutly religious people, who followed without question the teachings of Muklatar known as “The Ancient and Imperishable”, these teachings were interpreted and explained by the Aratars who were the spiritual leaders of the Aginorian people.

The gardens of Esconjudar were the most beautiful in all of Anginor, they were decorated with trees and flowers which were not found even in the outer world in that age. Adjoining the city was the palace of Ostemanshaku the seat of the king of the Aginorian people.

The king of the Aginorians in Anginor was Ranghikin, who though ruled with supreme authority always heeded the council of the Aratars. The Aratars however had supreme authority when it came to religious matters, only the Aratars were permitted to read and interpret the holy scrolls. According to the Aratars, it was written in the holy scrolls that the Aginorian people should not leave Anginor and journey beyond the seas to the outer world until the time appointed by Muklatar was revealed to the Aratars. The Aginorian people were fond of sailing and building ships but they were not permitted by the Aratars to sail more than thirty leagues off the shores of Anginor.

The Aratars

The Aratars were the “Pure ones” who interceded between Muklatar and the Aginorian people, they were also known as “the guardians of the Aginorians“. Not much was known about the Aratars, it was believed that they were servants of Muklatar, and that they were ageless and deathless. All the Aratars were men and none knew from whence they came or to whither they would go when they chose to depart from Anginor. The Aratars in Anginor were Abujin the master healing, Mujinin master and chief interpreter of the Holy Scrolls, Lubijin the guardian of vegetation and Rubijin guardian of the fate of the Aginorians.

The Siliris

In Anginor there grew a tree with healing powers called Siliris.

The Aginorians believed that the Siliris was the gift of Muklatar “the ancient and imperishable” its fruits were said to cure all illnesses. It was believed among the Aginorians that he who ate of the fruit of the Siliris would never know sickness.

There were some among the Aginorians who it was said could cure almost any malady by using the fruits and leaves of the Siliris. The “Blessed Tree” as the Siliris was called was revered, he who wantonly destroyed a Siliris fruit or tree could be put to death, if the Aratars deemed it necessary.


Now Feldgikin the only son of the king became restless and longed to know what was beyond the seas.

He disliked the Aratars, he believed that they were misleading the Aginorians because they wanted to prevent them for knowing what was out in the wider world. Against the will of the king, Feldgikin began openly to defy the Aratars, he no longer attended the services in the house of worship and encouraged others to do likewise. “The Aratars want to keep us in ignorance” he counseled, “It is time for the Aginorian people to know the truth about what lies beyond Anginor.

Too long have we as a people remain under the control of those who deem themselves our guardians, they are the only ones who are permitted to read the holy scrolls, how do we know that all they tell us is true. Every Aginorian should be free to read and interpret the teachings of Muklatar according to his own understanding.

I Feldgikin son of Rangikin, will be master of my own life, I came into this life a free spirit and I will not have that freedom trammeled or taken away from me. The greatest freedom we have is the freedom of our minds, none should enslave our thinking, they may confine our bodies in prison but they cannot command what we think, even as the fireflies cannot outshine the stars or the sea determine the course of the rivers. Soon Feldgikin had many followers and they began building great ships. The sons of Fedlgikin were Ungalar, Tanglikin, Ramansen and Ramangban who were also mighty among the Aginorians , few dared to defy them, they along with their father now began to preach against the Aratars.

Now the Aratars seeing the intentions of Feldgikin and those that followed him, were greatly concerned for though they were the guardians of the Aginorians they were not given authority by Muklatar to use force against them. It came to pass that the Aratars summoned the king to the house of debate. “My Lord” began Rubijin, addressing the king, “Thy son Feldgikin is about to do an evil thing which shall bring down a curse upon your house and upon the Aginorian people. Muklatar the ancient and imperishable has willed that the Aginorian people should remain in Anginor until the time foreordained is come before they go beyond Anginor into the outer world”.

The king was very troubled for he loved his only son with madness, he had done nothing to stop Feldgikin from creating this rebellion. “Pure One” began the king “There is no law in Anginor which prevents the Aginorian people from building ships or for wanting to know what lies beyond Anginor” “Is it not true Lord “asked Rubijin” that your son Feldgikin has defied you in this matter and you have done nothing to stop him, hundreds have now stopped coming to the Holy Houses of worship because of the heresy that Feldgikin has been spreading among the Aginorian people”.

“As we speak he and those that follow him are building ships to sail beyond Anginor to the outer world which is forbidden” You are the High king of Anginor and all the Aginorian people, how do you plan to resolve this brewing cataclysm?” “Pure One” replied the king, “I am indeed king of the Aginorian people but my son will not heed me and I cannot use force against him.” “Feldgikin has decided to defy the teachings of the Aratars and it is not for the king to decide what his son should think, those who follow him do so of their own free will.

As yet they have broken no laws in Anginor, what would you have me do O Pure One”? Rubijin answered “will you not send for your son Feldgikin and let him speak before the Aratars of the evil he is about to do” “This I will do at once” replied the king and he straightway send to summon his son Feldgikin. Feldgikin appeared in the House of Debate, he bowed before the Aratars and the king and addressed the king “My Lord you have summoned me in great haste, what is your bidding?”

The king replied “The Aratars are very concerned that you have been spreading heresy among the Aginorian people and they would like you to speak before them of your actions” “And you my father king of Anginor” said Feldgikin “do you also say that I speak heresy among the Aginorian people?” Before the king could reply Rubijin spoke and said “Thou Knowest that it is forbidden to journey beyond the seas until the time appointed by Muklatar The Ancient and Imperishable is come, why art thou pursuing this evil?”. Suddenly a great change came upon Feldgikin and he answered Rubijin saying “Do the Aratars fear that if we go beyond the seas we may discover the secrets they have been hiding from us and we may become even wiser that they?”

Rubijin replied saying “is it your wish to incite the Aginorians to defy the will of Muklatar and incur His wrath upon the Aginorian people”? Then Feldgikin became haughty before the Aratars and said “the only will we shall defy is the will of the Aratars, who seek to trammel our freedom and forever restrain us from knowing the secrets of the outer world” Rubijin answered saying “The Aratars have no will concerning the Aginorians save to obey the will of Muklatar and the will of Muklatar the Ancient and Imperishable, is that the Aginorians should remain in Anginor until the appointed time when they will be allowed to go beyond the seas.

Then Feldgikin said unto the Aratars “Our ships are now ready soon we will sail from Anginor to the outer world, if the Aratars try to stop us we shall put them all to the sword.” “We shall decide our own fate, we shall rise above the embranglement of your laws and rules, we shall go out into the wider world and seek the totality of our own beings”. Then Rubijin again spoke unto him saying “From this day I lay a curse upon you Feldgikin and upon all those who choose to follow you, this curse shall be upon you until those of you who shall survive, return to Anginor and seek the pardon of the Aratars” Feldgikin became wroth against Rubijin and said “I fear not your curse.

I shall not, like my father the king, remain in Anginor until I am dotard listening to the Aratars spinning yarns to beguile our minds. The decadent customs and traditions which you have erected upon the minds of our people I have rejected. As for returning to Anginor, I would not do so were all the host of the outer world arrayed in battle against me” Rubijin answered “So be it, alas for your folly, you Feldgikin shall neither reach the outer world or shall you return ever again to Anginor”.


Ungalar the eldest son of Feldgikin had a son called Namunkadar and he was beloved of all the Aginorian people. He found special favour with the Aratars for his wits were sharp and he had a passion for learning. Namunkadar even in the early days of his youth showed an interest in learning the secrets of the Siliris form the Aratars, he spent much time tending the orchards and acquired great knowledge about the uses of the plant.

He would often go wandering throughout the remote regions of Anginor, he is said to have spend three months alone, wandering in the Jan En Munkajar mountains. By the time he was fifteen it was said that he even knew the language of the birds and animals. Namunkadar was a lover and master of horses it is said that none in Anginor could out ride him or outmatch his knowledge of horses.

It was even said of him that he could read the minds of men and beasts, he learned much lore form the Aratars, who were ever so eager to teach him. Namunkadar had himself many times wondered what it would be like to go beyond the seas and see the outer world but he had never shared this thought with anyone.

Namunkadar like his grandfather Feldgikin was an only child, his mother Eshenberen was no longer able to conceive because of an accident she suffered after the birth of Namunkadar. Both his parents loved him with great passion but they often lived in fear of losing him. After the defiance of the Aratars by Feldgikin, Namunkadar became troubled and he spoke very little to anyone.

He had a foreboding that great changes were coming that would affect the lives of the Aginorian people forever.


After the meeting with Feldgikin and the Aratars, Ranghikin declared to the Aratars that he would not pass any judgement upon Feldgikin and those that followed him. “Freedom of the will to choose was given to all the Aginorian people” said the king. “let those who choose to leave Anginor do so at their own peril without impediment, let each choose his own doom”. Now Feldgikin openly began holding meetings entreating the Aginorian people to join him in his quest for the outer world.

“People of Anginor” he declared “From the days of our youth we have been told that the Aginorian people should remain in Anginor until the appointed time when we would be permitted to go out into the outer world. Our fore fathers who are now dead were also told the same thing, their fore fathers who are also dead were told the same thing. If we remain in Anginor, we too shall die and never see the outer world, our posterity shall die and never see the outer world. Since die we must, is it not better to die trying to see what we shall never see if we remain here?. If perchance some of us should make it to the outer world, then the silent dream of every Aginorian shall be realized in those who should walk upon the shores of the new world.

Who knows what we shall find, maybe we shall find another people like unto ourselves struggling to obey the laws of another God. What we do know, is that we shall never know what lies beyond, unless we venture to see”. “A curse says Rubijin the Aratar, he has placed upon all those who dare to leave Anginor to seek the outer world.

Only when we return to Anginor and seek the pardon of the Aratars shall this curse be lifted. Behold I say unto you people of Anginor, I curse the curse of the Aratars, you the Aginorian People have built all the fine structures in Anginor, behold the magnificence of the House of Worship, you have tilled the ground and planted all the gardens which are so wondrous to behold. You have planted all the trees, the Siliris, and all other plants from which we gather our food. All this we shall do again in the outer world, gather you together all the things we will need to build us a city bigger and even more beautiful than Esconjudar.

We shall create a mighty nation which will have no need to crawl back to Anginor and grovel at the feet of the Aratars and beg for their forgiveness which they will be loath to give.” Many hearkened unto Feldgikin for he was eloquent of speech and knew how to use the art of persuasion. Now Feldgikin called unto him his sons Ungalar and Tanglikin and thus he spoke unto them “my sons, the time has come when we must prepare to depart Anginor, Ungalar you shall be in charge of food and weapons, Tanglikin you shall select the sailors and make ready the ships, I shall be in charge of all else”. Ungalar spoke unto his father saying, “I am troubled about my son Namunkadar, of late he speaks very little and a fey mood seems to be upon him, I know not if he desires to leave Anginor

Feldgikin spoke unto Ungalar saying “You are the head of your house, the duty of a son is to do the will of his father”. Ungalar answered saying “but you my father, are you now following the will of your father the king? Feldgikin answered “In what I do, my father has not made known to me his will”. Ungalar replied “should your father’s will be that you should remain in Anginor what would you do?” Feldgikin answered not and spoke no more.

When Ungalar was come unto his own house he called unto him his son Namunkadar and his wife Eshenberen. He spoke unto them saying, “The time is fast approaching when we shall leave Anginor, we must make ready all we need to take.” “I have already started packing” replied Eshenberen “for I knew that the time to depart would not be long in coming” Namunkadar remained silent and spoke not a word, this troubled Ungalar greatly.

“My son” said Ungalar “Are you ready to depart Anginor? Namunkadar replied “Since it has become my lot to save the Aginorian people from the doom which has been placed upon them, I too must leave Anginor even if it means that I shall also live under the shadow of that doom.” Ungalar was perplexed by the words of Namunkadar but he spoke no more of the matter. It came to pass that 60 ships led by Feldgikin and his sons with 7000 of the Aginorian People left Anginor to seek the outer world, Namunkadar the son of Ungalar took with him seeds from the fruit of the Siliris

Chapter Two: The Land of Olderion

Before the changing of the world, beyond the seas of Anginor there existed the land of Olderion.

There were three great kingdoms in Olderion, in the north was the kingdom of Angodrim, in the south the kingdom of Mundakag and in he west the evil kingdom of Bangotandrim ruled by the necromancer Brunah.


Bangotandrim was first ruled by the great king Theoduscus, a just king who treated his subjects with kindness. The sons of Theoduscus were Hendril and Brunah. Hendril the oldest son though mighty in battle and wise in lore was humble, he would often visit the houses of the poor and always had a kind word for all who crossed his path, he was loved by the people of Bangotandrim.

Brunah was impetuous, capricious and haughty, he scorned the poor and showed arrogance to most who came across his path.

Now Brunah was jealous of his brother who was loved by all the people, he also hated Hendril because he was next in line to become king. Of all things Brunah wanted most, was to become king of Bangotandrim, if Hendril was to become king then the son of Hendril Would be next in line to be king. In his envy and hate evil entered into the mind of Brunah, secretly he began visiting necromancers and delved in evil things. Long he studied the art sorcery and communicated with fell spirits from the underworld.

It came to pass that Brunah and Hendril were out hunting in the woods and evil and anger was come upon Brunah, he drew his sword and slew Hendril while his back was turned. Then Brunah wounded himself and caused his clothes to be smeared with blood, he returned to the palace and reported that while they were hunting in the woods, masked men come down from the mountains into the woods and fell upon them, Hendril was slain and he had barely escaped with his life.

Now the king was devastated by this news, believing the story of Brunah he ordered that the body of Hendril should be found and brought to the palace and that the royal army should find the men responsible for the prince’s murder and bring them to the hall of judgement. When the soldiers had departed in pursuit of the killers, Brunah said to the king, “Sire, If I may but tend my wound, I will again set out to find the men who killed my brother for I cannot find peace while they yet live”.

The king answered, ” be swift then, I shall ride with thee, I too shall not find peace ere the death of my son is avenged” Brunah led the king upon the way leading to the Chandrass Gorge which was three thousand feet deep. Now when they were come nigh unto the gorge, Brunah by means of sorcery caused the king’s horse to be filled with madness and it jumped over the gorge bearing him to his death.

Then Brunah remembered the words of Katungax “Behold I say unto you this day the blood of your closest kin is already upon your hands though they yet live” Brunah swore that before long he destroy the kingdom of Mundakag and he would devise the most horrible torture for Katungax. When the night was come Brunah returned to the palace and he was greeted by the soldiers who had returned with the body of Hendril.

Brunah wept like one in great distress and he could not be consoled. Amid his tears and lamentations he said, “my father the king and I were pursuing the killers of my brother and when we came to the gorge of Chandrass a great Womble cat came upon us and the horse of my father was filled with fear and it jumped over the gorge bearing my him to his death.” “Alas for Bangotandrim, wailed Brunah, for in one day it is bereft of its king and prince.” “Had it not been for the men of the mountains who have slain my brother my father would still be alive,” “Hear me o ye faithful of Bangotandrim, we shall not rest until my father and my brother are avenged” There was great weeping and mourning in all of Bangotandrim for the king and the prince were loved by all. Now Brunah was wrathful because of the devotion of the people to the king and the prince but he feigned affection for them and incited them to anger with fiery words.

“People of Bangotandrim” he vociferated “I know that my loss is no greater than yours, I know you feel with me the agony of having lost my father and my brother who were the king and prince of this great kingdom.” “These were men who had striven to serve you the people, they loved you even as you have loved them, we cannot allow them to go down into emptiness un avenged, the men of the mountains are responsible for this evil which has befallen us.”

“My people” said Brunah, “marvel not that I should call you my people for I am now your king, I shall now lead you to great glory but first we must find and punish those who are responsible for the death of my father and my brother”. Now Brunah caused innocent men from the mountains to be brought before him and he pronounced death upon them, he had them gibbeted and their stomachs slashed with swords so that their bowels gushed out, then their bodies were thrown upon the fields, that beasts may devour their flesh.

Then Brunah had a fortress built around the palace of Bangotandrim and he began training his people for war, ” we must make Bangotandrim strong” he said so that none may assail us. Brunah had dungeons built and any who opposed him were confined to them until they died. As the years went by Brunah sank deeper and deeper into evil, he brought into the fortress necromancers hideous beasts and flagitious men who were worshipers of demons form the under world.

He became a king most nefarious and tyrannical, anyone who opposed him would be put to death. Brunah now openly declared himself as a necromancer with great powers, it is said that he was capable of driving men to madness by looking into their eyes. He cross bred beast with men and produced horrible creatures which he named Briz Bulags, Now the Briz Bulags were terrible in appearance, they had feet and bodies like unto beasts and heads like unto men but horrible and frightening to behold. Many more flagitious and terrible creatures did Brunah produce and trained then in evil and Bangotandrim became a place of dread.

The Kingdom of Mundakag

The kingdom of Mundakag was in the west of Olderion it was ruled by the king Katungax who was a fierce enemy of Brunah. The father of Katungax, king Ildigax was a friend of king Theoduscus of Bangotandrim, during the reign of Tehoduscus, king Ildigax along with his eldest son and heir to the throne of Mundakag, Katungax, often visited Bangotandrim. Katungax became close friends with prince Hendril, the two princes often went riding and hunting together.

Brunah hated Katungax and showed it openly, Katungax from his early youth was a lad foresighted and he perceived much that happened in the world and in people’s minds. Katungax knew that Brunah was delving in evil and he said this to Hendril but Hendril did not believe that his younger brother was capable of such folly, he thought that his friend was giving way to his imagination. Brunah secretly planned to kill Katungax, one day when Katungax and Hendril had just come back from riding Brunah met them in the hall with two mugs of ale and said “you must both be thirsty form your long ride I have brought you cool drinks to quench your thirst.” Brunah handed one mug to Hendril but when he approached Katungax, he could not look him in the face and Katungax perceived that Brunah had evil in his heart.

Katungax took the mug of ale and thanked Brunah, then he said “Brunah would you please see to my horse I am tired and sore and must rest a little, while I drink this ale” Brunah departed with an evil smile but said no word, Hendril went to speak with his father leaving Katungax alone for a moment, straightway Katungax beckoned a maid to bring him a mug of ale, which he started sipping.

Now when Brunah returned Katungax approached him and said, “Brunah you must now be thirsty I have had another drink and saved you the ale you brought me will you not sip with me.? The face of Brunah twisted and contorted with rage and he hissed “I am not thirsty” Katungax replied “come now Brunah will you refuse to drink with your guest?” Brunah took the mug and said that he had to see about an important matter, but Katungax stopped him saying “What is the hurry Brunah, this is very good ale will you not drink with me”, then Brunah perceiving that Katungax knew that the ale was poisoned, he let the mug fall from his hand and pretended that it was an accident.

Then Katungax said unto Brunah “Behold I say unto you this day that the blood of your closest kin is already upon your hands even though they yet live” Brunah departed without answering. Now after the death of king Theodoscus and Hendril Brunah became king of Bangotandrim. King Ildigax one day suddenly became ill and died the following day. The doctors in Mundakag could not tell what was the cause of the king’s death and Katungax was troubled by this but he kept all thoughts of the cause of his father’s death to himself.

After the death of the king Ildigax and Katungax became king, one day a messenger from Bangotandrim arrived in Mundakag and announced that he had an important message from the king of Bangotandrim to be delivered to the king of Mundakag, he was brought before Katungax. “What is your message” asked Katungax, the messenger handed Katungax a sealed envelope which he opened and took out the letter which it contained.

The letter read “Thou hast wept for the death of thy father and soon others shall weep for thee, you have but a short time to be king for I am the rightful king of all Olderion enjoy your reign while it lasts” Katungax was very thoughtful, then he said unto the messenger of Brunah, “Say unto Brunah, the greatest evil that a man can do is to shed the blood of his father and his brother, but death comes to all men, its just a matter of how and when”. “Yes I weep for my father but he that caused his death shall not go unpunished” Katungax knew that war would soon be upon him and he began preparing the realm of Mundakag. Angodrim In the north the kingdom of Angodrim was ruled be the king Esseldar who seldom traveled beyond his realm.

The king was considered to be very reclusive but very wise, when he learnt of the death of king Theoduscus and his son Hendril he had a premonition that much trouble would come upon the land of Olderion. Esseldar had two daughters but no sons, he wife queen Breenshel died after the birth of their last daughter Elderberen. Glembridgen his oldest daughter was heir to the throne and the closest companion and confidant of the king. There was peace in Angodrim for Brunah had not yet stretched forth his hand into the north, still the king prepared for war for he knew that the evil of Brunah would one day come upon even his blessed realm.

Chapter Three: The Coming Of The Aginorians

Now when the ships were 40 days gone from Anginor, Feldgikin was stricken by an unknown Malady and he died before they reached the shores of Olderion. After the death of Feldgikin, Ungalar his son became leader of the Aginorians. After many days they came upon the shores of the east of Olderion, they made fast their ships and ventured upon the land. They were astonished at the ruggedness of the land, vast mountains loomed against the skies like giant green gods guarding the plains and valleys. Crystal clear waters flowed out of the bowels of the mountains and there were creatures never before seen by the Aginorians .

Now Ungalar chose a site to establish the city his father Feldgikin dreamt of building. He spoke unto the Aginorian people saying “From out of Anginor we have come unto this new land and whether for good or ill we shall dwell here. Upon this spot we shall build a city, yes we shall built the city my father dreamt about and we shall call it the city of Feldgikin in his memory for he it was that led us out of Anginor to the freedom of this new world.” Then Namunkadar called his father in secret and said “Name not the city Feldgikin, if you do it will be accursed even like unto Feldgikin himself ” but Ungalar was worth with his son and would not heed him. And so it came to pass that the Aginorian people began building the city of Feldgikin.

Now when the news came to Brunah that great ships were come upon the eastern shores of Olderion and that the strangers were building a city he was fearful. He remembered something form his distant past, that there was some prophesy that strangers would come to Olderion in great ships and they would prosper and build a mighty nation. It was all vague in his mind but nevertheless he was disturbed and he sent for his chief Lieutenant. Brunah said unto his chief Lieutenant “I have heard that a mighty host of people have landed upon the shores of the east and are building a city”. Go you unto them and speak thus, “The king of Bangotandrim welcomes you to Olderion and invites your king to Bangotandrim so that he may make his acquaintance”.

The Lieutenant straightway departed and when he was come unto the site where the city of the Aginorians was being built, he saw a sight that was never before seen in all Olderion. All the host of the Aginorian people were labouring to build the city which would be called Feldgikin. The Lieutenant was astonished at what he saw, men women and children were working in unison with each other.

Then the Lieutenant of Brunah went forward and asked to be brought to their leader and they brought him before Ungalar. Thus spoke he unto Ungalar “My Lord, I have come form the kingdom of Bangotandrim to make the acquaintance of you and your people.

My Lord the King, Brunah bids me welcome you to Olderion and he is inviting you to come to Bangotandrim and make his acquaintance for if you and your people are to establish a kingdom here it is only right that there should be peace between the two kingdoms” Ungalar replied saying “I thank you for coming and I thank your king for the kind invitation but as you can see, there is much work to be done and though I am tempted to take up the offer of the king, duty must for a little while prevail until a more appropriate time” Now the Lieutenant of Brunah was dismayed that his master’s invitation was being turned down by this strange ruler who had suddenly appeared unbidden from beyond the seas. “But my Lord” protested the Lieutenant “My king places much importance upon your acceptance of his invitation, it would not be at all to his liking if you should refuse to come” Ungalar detected that there was anger in the Lieutenant’s voice and he became wary. “Come now my friend” he said “if your king was gracious enough to invite me a stranger to his kingdom, then will he not be equally gracious in understanding that I have not declined his invitation but will come as soon as I am able to” The Lieutenant of Bangotandrim was now visibly angry “My Lord you may do what pleases you at your own peril” “Am I to take this as a threat”? asked Ungalar, “My Lord you shall take it as you like” replied the Lieutenant and without another word departed.

Ungalar was very troubled by this encounter but he said naught to anyone. Now unknown to Ungalar, Namunkadar had watched with great interest the arrival and departure of the Lieutenant of Bangotandrim. Namunkadar perceived that there was much evil in his thoughts and he also perceived that there was a greater evil driving the man. Said Namunkadar unto Ungalar “Bid the people make haste with the completion of the city for evil will not be long in coming upon us”.

The City Of Feldgikin

Now it came to pass that the City of Feldgikin was completed and fortified, it was truly a magnificent city, within its walls there were trees of the kind that existed in Anginor.

Namunkadar planted a special garden of Siliris, it thrived and flowered, all who chanced to see its splendour would stand and gaze upon it in wonder. Ungalar was pleased with the mighty walls which his people had wrought around the city because he felt that it could be easily defended if there was an attack. His soul was however troubled about Namunkadar who was almost always silent and spent much time tending the garden of Siliris, he would also treat and cure those who suffered from any ailments.

Brunah Goes to War

For some time Brunah had been planning war against Katungax and the kingdom of Mundakag.

He made ready his Briz Bulags, foul beasts, men and hideous creatures, “I will crush the upstart Katungax and make him pay for humiliating me many years ago” mused Brunah, “I will devise the most horrible punishment for him, yes he must die but slowly and painfully, he shall suffer more pain that any man or beast ever suffered”. Now when news of the Siliris reached Brunah, his greed and envy diverted him form his purpose with Katungax, he made plans to invade Feldgikin, destroy the city and take unto himself this “magic fruit” He was incensed by the refusal of Ungalar to accept his invitation to visit Bangotandrim, he was also nervous about the new city and the strange people who came form over the seas.

It came to pass that as he mustered his great army along the straits of Lunkas Porgul, the Aginorians were aware of his intentions. Ungalar immediately prepared for battle, he gathered to him his brothers Tanglikin, Remansan and Ramangban and with his son Namunkadar at his side, marched forth with all the host of the Aginorians to meet the onslaught of Brunah. The clash was terrible, the earth shook and trembled, the forces of Brunah were mighty, among them were the Briz Bulags which Brunah sent to the front of the battle, their shrieking and cacophonous bellowing which sounded like an army of plastic dentures chewing their way through a weevil infested cornfield, drove many to madness.

Ungalar and his brothers slew a host of the enemy but Ungalar was slain by a mighty Briz Bulag, Namunkadar rode upon it and with a mighty heave cleft the head of the Briz Bulag asunder and it fell dead upon the ground.

None could withstand the wrath of Namaunkadar, even the Briz Bulags fled before the shining of his face for his anger was kindled and his hands delivered death to any man or beast who stood before him. Now the host of Brunah were numerous and they greatly outnumbered the Aginorians they entered the City of Feldgikin and partially razed it to the ground and unknown to Namunkadr his mother Eshenberen was slain among many Aginorians who tried to defend the city. While the battle raged thoughts of the Siliris filled the mind of Brunah and he could think of nothing else. With a contingent of his most fearsome fighters he rode upon the orchard of the Siliris and commanded them to gather seedlings and destroy all the trees. Namunkadar perceiving the mind of Brunah, along with Tanglikin, Ramansen, Ramangban and an army of Aginorians rode upon Brunah and the most gruesome battle began. Tanglikin, and a host of the Aginorians were slain but Namunkadar, Ramansen and Ramangban prevailed.

The Aginorians were wavering and victory seemed close at hand for Brunah, when from out of the west came King Katungax and his mighty army of Mundakag, they descended upon the host of Brunah and they were thrown into confusion. King Katungax was mighty in battle and he led the charge with such ferocity that even the Briz Bulags were fearful but they stood and fought to the death, Katungax hewed the heads of many Briz Bulags from their bodies, none of the men of Brunah could withstand him, such was the strength of his arm and his fate.

Namunkadar was like a phantom of death, for the first time he displayed the power which only the Aratars knew existed in him. Beams of light appeared to issue forth form his eyes, he rode upon Brunah in such great wrath that Brunah was fearful and fled before his face, and all the his host fled with him, thus ended the first battle between Brunah and the Aginorian People.

Namunkadar and Katungax

It came to pass that Namunkadar the son of Ungalar and the King Katungax who were unscathed in the battle, met for the first time. “Sire” said Namunkadar unto Katungax, “I know not who you are, from whence you came or the purpose of your coming but it was indeed timely, I and all the Aginorian people owe our lives to you”. “Any one who is an enemy of Brunah is a friend of mine” said Katungax and he stretched out his hand to Namunkadar, “I am king Katungax from the Kingdom of Mundakag in the west”.

Namunkadar shook the extended hand of the king and knelt before him, “my Lord” said Namunkadar, “I am Namunkadar son of Ungalar king of the Aginorian people,who was slain in the battle against he who seems to be our mutual enemy”. “Well met Namunkadar” said Katungax, “much have I heard about you and your people who came to Olderion form beyond the seas, it is unfortunate that the circumstances of war was the catalyst which led us to cross each others paths”.

Now night was fast approaching and Katungax ordered his army to encamp around the Beleaguered city of Feldgikin, they worked long into the night helping the Aginorians to bury their dead and tend the wounded. When Namunkadar discovered the death of Eshenberen he was sorely aggrieved, kneeling beside the body of his mother he said out loud “O my mother, you who loved me as no one else can ever love me, from out of Anginor under curse and fire, you have come into the land of Olderion, hoping to understand what to you was then a dream nebulous and elusive. With vigor and zest you worked tirelessly to help build a city which though wrought with hands of innocence was conceived in the mist of a curse, the price of that curse my mother, was your life, the life of your husband my father, his brother and the many others who perished this day. I cannot reverse that curse but your death I surely will avenge.”

Many days had now passed since the battle between the Aginorians and the forces of Brunah.

The City of Feldgikin stood in ruins, eight hundred of the Aginorian people had died, the dead from the host of Brunah numbered over two thousand. There was great weeping and lamentation among the Aginorians, they wept for their friends and loved ones and for Ungalar, Tanglikin and Eshenberen whom they loved dearly.

Then Namunkadar called together all the Aginorian people, for as the only son of Ungalar he would now become king, he spoke to them thus: “People of Anginor, we have all known the bliss and splendour of our beloved land Anginor, yet by our own free will we have chosen to come to this new land in a quest to fulfill our dreams to understand the mysteries of the outer world.

Now that very mystery which we have come to unravel has even now become a greater mystery and therein lies our challenge to understand ourselves as a people. We are living in a land with a people of whom we know little of and a God of whom we know still less of, we have an enemy to whom we have done no wrong, this enemy has left us bereft of our city and our king but I say unto you people of Anginor the grief and sorrow we now experience is a direct result of our own disobedience, we cannot interfere with the floodgates of the past and not be affected by the rushing waters of the future.

The future we left Anginor to seek is now our present and it shall soon become our past for such is the evanescence of the world of matter Many of our people who left Anginor for this land are no more, so too many who stand here and now shall soon be no more for who is it among us that can direct the course of the caprices of chance and time.

Still, though we have no power over the vicissitudes of chance and time as a people we must endeavour the direct the course of our lives as far as we are able to, my father our king is dead and we must now choose a king who will lead us into the uncertainty of the future, whom shall you have as your king?”.

The Aginorian people shouted as with one voice, “we shall have Namunkadar son of Ungalar as our king” Namunkadar said unto them, “would you not have either my uncle Ramansen or Ramangban as your king for they are men of great renown and experience who are far more suitable than I to be king” but they answered again saying “we will have Namunkadar son of Ungalar as our king”.

Chapter Four: Namunkadar Becomes King

The Aginorian people declared Namunkadar king and Ramansen and Ramangban swore fealty unto him.

It came to pass that Namunkadar moved his people from what was the city of Feldgikin and went closer to the north to establish the Kingdom of Mignon Angrad, There again Namunkadar planted a special garden of Siliris and he healed all who were infirm, his fame and that of the Siliris spread throughout Olderion, the Siliris was now known as “the magic fruit” which could cure all infirmities. Namunkadar fortified the kingdom with great walls all around it, he appointed Ramansen as captain of his army and Ramangban as his chief counselor.

Every Aginorian over the age of fifteen and under seventy years were made to serve in the army, the training for battle was rigorous and extensive for Namunkadar knew that another war with Brunah was inevitable. The friendship between Namunkadar and Katungax grew, often he would visit Mundakag or Katungax would come to Mignon Angrad, the two kings would spend many hours sharing stories about their different lives, Katungax loved to hear about Anginor and why the Aginorian people chose to come to Olderion.

Katungax told Namunkadar about his life as a young lad and his encounters with Brunah before he became truly evil. Now it came to pass that one night a dream come to Namunkadar, he saw a beautiful woman lying in what seemed like a bed of flowers, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, she was dressed in white and her eyes were closed, she seemed to be dead or dying and there was a voice calling out to him “Namaunkadar son of Ungalar, you are the only one who can save her, she has slipped into the shadow of darkness and only you can bring her back to walk in the light of day, tarry not overlong for she has but a short time to live”.

The spirit of Namunkadar became troubled for this strange dream would visit him every night and he could not tell what was its meaning, he spoke of this to no one.

Brunah And Glembridgen

Now after the retreat of Brunah form the battle with the Aginorian people, his fury knew no bounds, he had many soldiers killed for no reason save to appease he own anger and shame. He once again began preparing for war, “this time” he mused “every single one shall die, everyone of those accursed people shall be removed for the face of Olderion, as for the dog of king Namunkadar, he shall be brought to Bangotandrim, to spend the rest of his days in a dungeon of torture where I will personally spit in his face daily”.

He multiplied his Briz Bulags and beasts until their numbers were beyond his own knowledge. He had men from the mountains brought to him and forced them to join his army or die, his plan was now to destroy both Mignon Angrad and Mundakag, for Angodrim he had other plans. Brunah heard of the beauty of the Princes Glembridgen in Angodrim and he lusted after her and desired her to be his wife. By this time his evil and madness was so far advanced that he had lost contact with the reality of the world beyond Bangotandrim, he now saw himself as the supreme ruler of all Olderion, he believed that if he desired to wed the princess she could not refuse him.

Brunah therefore sent a messenger to Angodrim saying “go you to Angodrim and speak unto its king thus”: “The Lord Brunah King of Bangotandrim and all Olderion desires the hand of thy daughter Glembridgen in marriage, ensure that she is brought to the palace of Bangotandrim ere the Lord Brunah should come and seek her himself, should he have to resort to the latter, he shall be unforgiving of you and your kingdom and the consequences of his wrath will be grave”.


King Esseldar of Angodrim, had managed to keep his kingdom out of conflict with Brunah.

Now the king had watched with some concern the coming into Olderion of the ships of the Aginorians, his spies constantly reported to him everything they did. He had hoped that there would be war between Brunah and the new comers, which would solve two things, Brunah would destroy them but at the same time, they would weaken the strength of Brunah and enable him to invade Bangotandrim and crush Brunah. After the fall of Ungalar and the destruction of the city of Feldgikin, Esseldar became fearful of the might of Brunah for he knew that it would only be a matter of time before he too would be assailed by the forces Bangotandrim.

After Namunkadar had established the kingdom of Mignon Angrad, the news of the “magic fruit” of the new king reached the ears of Esseldar and he was full of envy and desired to gain possession of a Siliris tree. It came to pass that a messenger from Bangotandrim arrived at the gates of Angodrim and declared that he had a message for the King Esseldar from King Brunah and the message must be delivered to the king personally. The messenger of Brunah was brought before Esseldar, “be swift and speak your message” said Esseldar less I should loose my patience and send your head back to your master”. “Your majesty” said the messenger “My Lord Brunah, King of Bangotandrim and all Olderion, desires the hand of your daughter Glembridgen in marriage and bids you have her brought to him without delay”.

Esseldar was incensed by this rash and arrogant request from Brunah, “King of all Olderion eh” said Esseldar, “the fantasy of Brunah has certainly exceeded his wit, return you to your master and tell him thus” “the princess Glembridgen will marry only one who is deserving of having her hand, not an evil necromancer and a murderer who deserves to be slain and his carcass be thrown to the beasts of the field which may even be loathe to touch it”.

One week after the messenger of Brunah left Angodrim, the princess Glembridgen suddenly fell ill. She suffered form and unknown ailment, for which no cure could be found. The king tried all kinds of medicine, sparing no expenses he hired the best doctors in Olderion but to no avail, the princess continued to languish. King Esseldar decided that the only way he could save his daughter was to acquire fruits from the Siliris trees in Mignon Angrad.

The king sent for Mandokin his chief Marshall and spoke to him saying, “my daughter ails form a pernicious malady for which the doctors in Olderion can find no cure, I have heard of the healing powers of a fruit called the Siliris which grows in the Kingdom of Mignon Angrad, take with you twenty warriors and journey to Mignon Angrad”. “Speak to the king saying that the princess of Angodrim is gravely ill and I am asking that the king of Mignon Angrad, send unto the kingdom of Angodrim fruits of the Siliris which it is told has the power of healing”. Mandokin without delay departed for Mignon Angrad, it came to pass that as he neared the borders of that kingdom, he was waylaid by scouts of the palace who were out searching for spies of Brunah.

Mandokin and his companions were brought before Namunkadar the king who believing them to be servants of Brunah ordered them to be put to death, but Mandokin spoke up saying “my lord will you not hear our tale before you put us to death, for we are from the kingdom of Angodrim and were sent to you by our king to ask for your aid”.

Then Namunkadar became less hasty and ordered Mandokin to speak. Mandokin spoke thus “Lord I am Mandokin chief Marshall in the guard of the palace of Angodrim and I have come at the behest of our king Esseldar. The princes Glembridgen is gravely ill and we in Olderion have heard of the healing powers of the fruit of the Siliris, thus we have come hither to ask of your majesty to send but a few fruits back to Angodrim in hope that the life of our princess may be spared”.

Namunkadar spoke saying “Do the people of Olderion pay tribute to Brunah the evil Lord of Bangotandrim?” “Nay Lord” answered Mandokin ” the people of Olderion pay tribute to none save the King Esseldar” Then spoke Namunkadar again saying “If the people of Olderion do not have allegiance with Brunah why do they never go to war against him?” Mandokin answered, “My Lord, I know not the mind of our king as it relates to war but I do know that none in our land have allegiance with Brunah, no spy or servant of Bangotandrim has ever crossed our land and returned alive”. Namunkadar smiled and said ”

Then I do right in ordering your death, for I know not that you and your companions are not servants of Brunah.” Mandokin answered ” You would have done right Lord if we were indeed servants of Brunah but then if we are not and our story is true would not the king have greatly erred in his judgment Lord?” Then the heart of Namunkadar was softened and he looked long into the eyes of Mandokin then he said, “I can see that you do not lie and I can perceive no evil in you, I myself shall come to the aid of your princess”.

At that moment the dream that had been haunting him for over a year came to him and he was troubled. It was a dream he had been having every night of a beautiful woman who was lying in a garden of flowers, she was either asleep or dead and there were voices calling out to him, saying that he was the only one who could save her and time was running out. “But my Lord” answered Mandokin interrupting the thoughts of Namunkadar “there is no need for your majesty to make this long journey, if you would only order Lord, that my companions and I be given a few fruits of the Siliris. With which we shall return in haste to our princess”.

“The fruits you shall have” replied Namunkadar “but I shall indeed return with you to your kingdom to see your princess”. “But my Lord” protested Mandokin “let us at least first return and inform our king that he may prepare an official welcome for you, it would not be befitting for the king of Mignon Angrad to ride into Olderion unannounced”. “Trouble not your mind with formalities” answered Namunkadar “I have a foreboding that if we do not arrive in Angodrim soon it will be too late to save your princess, we shall ride as soon as we can assemble the horses”.

Chapter Five: Namunkadar Comes To Angodrim

Now it was eight days since Mandokin had ridden out from Angodrim to seek the fruit of the Siliris, the condition of the princess continued to decline and the king was in despair. As the shadows of evening began spreading its wings over Angodrim, messengers of the king rode in to report that Mandokin was on his way but there were strangers with him. King Esseldar was troubled at the news of strangers coming to Angodrim but he was so overjoyed that Mandokin may be bringing the fruits of the Siliris that he gave not further thought to the strangers. At last Mandokin arrived at the palace with king Namunkadar and 20 soldiers from the royal army of Mignon Angrad,.

The king Esseldar was astonished at the new comers for he perceived that they were not ordinary people, then Mandokin stepped forward and bowed low before his king and said “your majesty, I present to you the king Namunkadar of the kingdom of Mignon Angrad he is skilled in the art of healing and has come to the aid of the princess Glembridgen” King Esseldar concealing his astonishment extended his hand and said “welcome your majesty to the kingdom of Angodrim, had I known that Mandokin would be arriving with none less than the king of Mignon Angrad, I would have sent out a royal escort and would have prepared an official reception” Namunkadar shook the extended hand of Esseldar and said “Had Mandokin his way, all that you have said would have been done but I would not have it so for I am not come to Angodrim to observe formalities but to see her that aileth”

Esseldar perceiving that Namunkadar was either mad or foresighted said no more but bid them enter the hall and be seated but Namunkadar said unto the Esseldar “your majesty even now as we speak life is slipping away from the princess, I must go to her at once” Namunkadar was led straightway into the chambers of the princess, when he entered those who were watching him could see him visible trembling and his face was grave, none could know that this was the woman he had been seeing in a dream for over a year.

The princess as she had in the dream appeared to be dead, he was stricken by her beauty and he loved here there and then. When he touched her she was cold and all life seemed to have left her. Now Namunkadar was wise among the Aginorians, he it was of the line of Ranghikin who was given to studying the art and lore of healing. It was believed among the Aginorians that Namunkadar could foretell the future and read the minds of others. It was often marveled at, among his people that he had never taken unto himself a wife because as the king of Mignon Angrad, he had no heir, he was the only son of Ungalar.

Namunkadar took leaves of the Siliris and crushed them in his hands then he used them to cover the face of the princess. He then bent over her and muttered words that were incomprehensible to the others. He ordered that four bowls of water be brought and placed one on either side of the bed, one at the head and one at the foot.

Namunkadar then began speaking in a strange tongue which none in Olderion had ever heard before, he started out softly then his voice got stronger those in the room could feel the power in his voice. Suddenly to the astonishment of everyone the water in the four bowls began to move and then to boil and there issued forth steam like unto clouds from the bowls. Namunkadar removed the leaves of the Siliris form the face of the princess and held them over one of the boiling bowls, then he again covered the face of the princess. Time seemed to have stood still as Namunkadar continued to speak in the strange and incomprehensible tongue, then he took hold of the hand of the princes and said so that all could understand “the forces of the evil one no longer control you come home”.

Then he spoke in a loud and terrible voice saying “Glembridgen, princess of Olderion come home, the spell is broken, you are now free, come home” The body of the princes began to twitch and she groaned, then Namunkadar relaxed, smiled at Esseldar and said “the princes will awaken in a few minutes” Namunkadar removed the leaves of the Siliris from the face of the princess and she opened her eyes and said “My lord though I know you not, you have called me, I have come what do you now bid me do?” Namunkadar answered “First you must eat of theses fruits which I have brought you form the orchards of Mignon Angrad” He gave unto the princess a Siliris fruit which she did eat and immediately her strength began to return.

When the princess was aware of her father the king, she looked at him with love and tenderness, “O my father” she cried “from out of the darkness I have come once again into the light but I fear that a new life from which I cannot escape now awaits me” Esseldar was so choked with emotions that he could not speak, he took his daughter into his arms and they both cried like children. Now the news of the miraculous recovery of the princess spread throughout Olderion, king Esseldar called for a one week celebration.

All this time Namunkadar remained in Angodrim and tended the princess but Esseldar was uneasy for he could not ignore the bond which had developed between the princess and the king of Mignon Angrad. Though the Aginorians had now dwelt long in Olderion, thy had never married anyone but their own kind, Esseldar was concerned about where the relationship between Namunkadar and the princess would lead.

He had no sons and the princess was the heir to the throne, when he died she would become queen, if she married Namunkadar then he would become king of both Angodrim and Mignon Angrad, Esseldar was exceedingly troubled, he knew that the illness of the princess was not by chance but by the hand of Brunah, soon Brunah would seek vengeance against Angodrim. He was grateful to Namunkadar for saving the princess’ life but he could see that Glembridgen was in love with the king and that for him was a problem.

Namunkadar was a strange man from beyond the seas, yes he was and enemy of Brunah and that made him almost a friend, yet no one knew why he and his people came to Olderion or what god they served. Why should his daughter which was so dear to his heart be given to this king of unknown origin, he seems like a healer but may very well also be a sorcerer and a evil person. Maybe he wants to use Glembridgen to take over the realm of Angodrim, such were the thoughts of Esseldar while Namunkadar lingered in Angodrim. .

The Princess And The King

Evening came to find the King Namunkadar and princess Glembridgen walking among the trees in the gardens of Angodrim. “You have cheated the hands of death and brought me out of the darkness back into the world of weights and measures, now I see the world with a new mind. Indeed my lord you are my saviour and a friend unlooked for, how can I thank or repay you” asked Glembridgen. “Dearest princess” said Namunkadar “till, you opened your eyes and smiled, my heart had never known such joy nor had ever my mind experienced such exquisite exaltation, no reward or payment could ever equal this feeling.”

“Please my Lord” said Glembrigen, I am but a humble princess of Angodrim, I know nothing of the world beyond, I had never met a king before save my father, the joy you feel must be from saving my life, what man is he that would not experience an exquisite exaltation of the mind, should he be wise and strong enough to reach beyond the shadows of death and bring back into the world of here and now, a princess to once again walk beneath the light of the noonday sun”. “Fair Glembrigen” said Namunkadar “Too many sleepless nights did I spend lamenting your slipping into darkness, now that we both walk beneath the light of the same sun, I would fain have this day not end nor would I willingly return to a world without you in it”.

“My Lord” said Glembrigen ‘ why speak you to me in riddles, how could you have spent sleepless nights lamenting my slipping into darkness when ere you came to Angodrim you had never known me”.

Then Namunkadar told Glembrigen of the dreams he had or her, she was astonished and she exclaimed in wonder “my Lord, what manner of king art thou to have perceived all of this without fore knowledge, are you a prophet who sees beyond where the vision of ordinary men stops.” “Sometimes I do see beyond where the vision of some men stop” said Namunkadar “had it not been so, I would never have found the treasure my heart so long desired.

Form out of Anginor I have come braving curse and banishment to walk in a strange land where dwells the fairest woman to walk beneath its azure skies”. “But my Lord” replied Glembrigen, “You are the King of Mignon Angrad, are there no women among your own people much more worthy of your heart’s desire than I”

“Dearest princess” said Namunkadar “ I am king of Mignon Angrad, not by choice but by the caprices of the vicissitudes of chance and time, fain would I this day renounce my throne and become once again Namunkadar the free spirit, who loved to roam the forests, and the open spaces of Anginor but this I cannot now do because fate has bestowed upon me a cup of bitterness form which I must drink until it is empty”.

“Why speak you always to me in riddles my Lord” said Glembrigen “what cup of bitterness could be bestowed upon the king of Mignon Angrad?” Then Namunkadar told Glembrigen of his life In Anginor, his Grandfather Feldgikin, the curse of the Aratars and their Exodus from Anginor into Olderion.

He explained his responsibilities to lead his people back to Anginor and seek the forgiveness of the Aratars but first he must avenge the death of his father Ungalar and his mother Eshenberen who died at the hands of Brunah.

At the mention of the name of Brunah Glembrigen cowered and was sore afraid, a dark shadow came upon her face and her countenance became grave, but Namunkadar touched her hand and said “fear not princess, while I yet live the hand of Brunah shall never again be upon you and he shall never have you nor shall any man in Olderion take from me you whom my heart so desires” “My Lord” said Glembrigen “ what do your words mean, what of me does your heart desire”.

“My dearest Glembrigen” said Namunkadar, “ I have not yet learnt to convey with words what my desires of you are, my heart had never felt these desires before I laid eyes on you, words are too limited to convey to you all that my heart feels and desires, what I feel for you dear princess is beyond the scope of words”.

“Inadequate though words may be to describe your feelings, and your desires my Lord” said Glembrigen, “the heart of a woman is impetuous and often needs to be comforted by the words of a man, I still long to hear from your lips even a feeble attempt to tell me what of me does your heart desire”.

Then Namunkadar took Glembrigen into his arms and held her close to him, gently he kissed he ever so lovingly. Glembridgen said unto Namunkadar “I am indeed overwhelmed my lord, by a plethora of ineffable emotions, this is the first time that my lips have been graced by the kiss of a man, will you please let these inexperienced lips be kissed a second time”.

Namunkadar said unto Glembridgen, “dearest princess, in kissing we are kindred spirits for I too have never known the pleasure of kissing a woman, now that I have had this pleasure, it will be a delight to have that experience again” then he held her close to him and kissed her deeply, he felt the fire raging in his loins and his desire for her was intense but he knew that the time was not yet right, gently he let her go and said “Come my beloved, come lay your head upon my breast. Let me fondle your hair as I listen to the gentleness of your breath Come let me touch you and feel that you are flesh of my flesh and bone of my bones.

You are beautiful my beloved but it is not the beauty of your body I now crave, rather the sweetness of your spirit.

The darkness of Bangotandrim will never again separate us, nor will mine eyes ever again suffer to see your face and my ears languish to hear the sound of your voice. Come let me embrace you o rose of my heart’s morning, let me secure you in my bosom that the shadows of evening cannot devour you and you become naught but a memory clinging to a wounded heart.” Tears began to flow from the eyes of Glembridgen, and Namunkadar said unto her

”Weep not my beloved, your tears are like a dagger hacking at the strings of my heart and I have naught to comfort you save the words of my mouth and the love of my heart, let not the love we feel this moment become a reason for sadness.”

Glembridgen said unto Namunkadar “My Lord my saviour and my king, the tears of a woman are not always of sadness, these are tears of joy and happiness for never before have I known such bliss, I have always felt a deep yearning for something loftier than the clouds and more sublime than the sun but had never known what it meant until this moment.

Often in my aloneness I would dream of this moment but always feared that a dream was all that it could ever be” Namunkadar answered saying “I have often quivered with the tempo of your emotions, in your aloneness you were not alone. I too have been alone in an aloneness, which I thought to be mine alone, now I know it was also yours.

When you were an embryonic emotion revolving within the mist of time, I too was not unlike you; then the hand of life cast us like grains of sand into this land before the grave, where we lament the past, abhor the present and fear the future, a future dearest Glembridgen I would like to face with you at my side, will you marry me?” .

Glembrigen answered saying “My Lord my king, form this day forth I Glembridgen princess of Angodrim, shall have no other wish but to be by your side, to walk where you walk and to serve you till the end of my days”. Namunkadar said unto Glembridgen “When the right moment comes I shall embrace you in the unfolding light Stimulating you with the rapture Of my unspent passion

I shall arouse in you hidden secrets of pleasure Which takes you mind to superlative heights while your body sway,In rhythmic convulsions of delight

I shall caress your leafy glades And enter your fertile oasis Reaching down to the depths of its still waters Making each motion a tingling moment of ecstasy

When at last we reach our zenith we shall cry out in unison

As we ejaculate the waters of life Of which we are carriers and not masters”

Namunkadar Marries Glembridgen: To be continued

The Earth is one country and all humans are its citizens Dismiss