A call to unity


A call to unity

I came form the portals of glory, with a song of freedom upon my lips, which some day to the world I shall sing.
I am a word spoken by the lips of life to be an echo to the ears of humanity, I am a spark seeking reunion with the torch of eternity.

Cavil me as you would O people of error, though, through this world I must pass, I seek naught but the glory of Baha.
The hands of perdition may often restrain me, but like the phoenix, I shall rise and wing my flight to the shores of unity.

Come and join me O ye lovers of truth, the “promised Day has come,” hasten to illumine your faces with the light of Baha.
The Gate has been opened, “The King Of Glory” has entered, come all ye who are confused, tired and weary, “the earth is but one country” and all peoples, black, white, red and yellow are its citizens.
Tarry now overlong, come and join us in our quest for unity

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