A Cry From My Heart

Lift up your heads O Israel

The Messiah is again come

And you know him not

O Jerusalem!, Jerusalem!

Behold the house of your traditions

Is standing upon weak foundations

Beware lest you be buried beneath your own roof!

Arise O Children of Christendom

A Star has risen above the Persian Sky

Cast a glance thereon

Mayhaps you shall see

The Glory of The Lord

Deprive not yourselves of its bounty

Open your eyes O ye faithful of Islam

Cast away the sayings of the living who are dead

Hearken unto the voice of the prisoner of Akka

He is the True One from God

Immerse yourselves in the Ocean of His Words

And conform your lives to His Commands

Awaken O followers of Gothama

Your time is at hand

“The Exalted On” has come

Incomparable in His Glory

His Truth is “Lovely in its essence”

And all pervasive in its Power

Abandon your customs and traditions

Hasten to walk upon His path

Come forward O ye faithful of Zarathustra

The “one minute” He wished for

Has become and eternity

He Whom He promised

From the generation of the Kings of Persia

Has appeared in the “Glory of God”

He is calling the peoples of the world

To unite and worship One God

Open your eyes O ye children of “vainglory”

The trees of the orchard of love

Is laden with the choicest fruits

Why still till ye the barren deserts

Of your idle fancies

When the the oasis of immortal beauty

Is verdant with the luxuriance of “Devine Springtime”

Throw away the “meat which perisheth”

And seek the “Bread On Life”

Hear me O leaders of religions

Hearken unto these words

“The True Shepherd has come

To gather his sheep into one fold

Lead them not astray

From the pastures of His decree

The True Shepherd knoweth His sheep

Woe be unto anyone

Who detains them from His fold

Hear me O leaders of nations

Your partisan politics is divisive and destructive

Abandon the theories and ideologies of men

Renounce now before it is too late

All doctrines which are opposed

To the sovereignty of God The Almighty

Hold fastly unto the handle of the New World Order

Work in harmony to achieve “The Most Great Peace”


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