A Neutral Letter

I usually do not comment on political issues but reading the vitriolic letter exchange between Gregor Nassief and Lennox Linton makes me very sad. I am approaching this from a totally neutral position; my intention is not to defend or to randomly discredit any of the opposing views of either Gregor or Lennox.

It is obvious to everyone that there are concerns about how the CBI program is administered; there are rumours and innuendos locally and internationally about the program. I am not sufficiently informed about the program to defend or criticize it, but I do know with certainty that whatever problems there are, they can only be solved at a local level by the willingness of the opposing sides to have constructive dialogue and arrive at a census which is in the interest of the Dominican people and the preservation of the integrity of the country.

I am not advancing any political preference or ideology; I have always believed and still believe now, that partisan politics has been and probably will always be one of the most pernicious banes to be unleashed upon evolving humanity, we see this right now in operation in Dominica. The social and economic progress of Dominica is bigger than politics; it is bigger than the United Workers Party and the Dominica Labour Party.

The government and the opposition of any country should have no other interest but to strive towards the betterment of the people and the country they represent. I came to live in this country 34 years ago and from the moment my feet touched the ground at the Canefield Airport, my heart left me and went to live in the mountains of Dominica, it pains me so much when I see what is happening now.

The CBS 60 minutes program unfortunately was not in our best interest, it was not meant to be in our best interest, it was definitely the kind of exposure we do not need but it is done and it is not reversible.

Now is the time for us to take a serious look at what we are doing and ex-cogitate a positive way forward. whatever our differences may be, we have one thing in common, we are Dominicans, let that be our stepping stone to climb above those differences and do what is best for Dominica.


The Earth is one country and all humans are its citizens Dismiss