Amarte Razoon Ransheed

Another day when the need to earn his earthly keep drove Amarte Razoon Ransheed back to the handle of the spinning wheel.

He looked through the window and stared at the placid ocean, so vast and unfathomable.

He felt a deep joy mixed with emptiness within his soul, it was difficult to describe this feeling.

It is somewhat like a man lost in the wilderness and he is tired form his efforts to find his way out.

He sits upon a fallen tree downcast and forlorn, he wonders if he will ever get out.

Darkness has fallen and the moon decorates the forest with golden beams, then suddenly he beholds the embodiment of his deeper longing walking between the trees to meet him.

She was all he had ever wanted, in the stillness of the night they embraced, he kissed her sweet lips ever so lovingly.

As long as he held her in his arms, being lost in the wilderness did not matter, to him she was warmth, shelter and a new world with fervent hopes and dreams.

The embrace lasted for what seemed like an eternity, then she was gone and once again the dreariness of the wilderness engulfed his spirit.

He knows that life goes on and so must he for there are challenges even greater than the darkness of the wilderness which he must face on his journey to be 

The Earth is one country and all humans are its citizens Dismiss