An interesting journey part one


Over mountains, valleys and plains

Walked I

Wandering like a shadow

Without form and without


Seeking in Solitude, I know not what!

Running always

From that which call I


Continuous as the rays of the sun

Each new day finds me

Searching for another shore …….Another


What oft asked I means

The mysteries of life captivating

Mine inward eye?

What is this force that keeps me


Upon the wanderer’s path?

Is it the lot of poets…

Beat upon their souls like drums

While they themselves;

Ramain ever far distant ever far…. and


Sawest I many times

Humanity preying upon its….own


And drowning in the sea of its …..own


Sawest I the “children of Adam’s

Fallen Race”

Preparing their own destruction

To keep alive their selfishness and greed

Sawest I them at another time

Like asses in the market place

Loaded with law books and useless philosophies

Which were to them tools of confusion and chaos

Sawest I them puking up their filth

In the name of politics and religion

Causing the ignorant who drinketh it up

To intoxicate and enrage——the

Unsurmounted beast of their baser nature

Like packs of dogs they attack

And rend each other to pieces

Wondered I within my own heart

What have I to do with the “children of Adam”?

Will they ever fulfil ther higher destiny ?

Must they forever ramain suspended

Between the slumbering of their nobler selves

And the tyranny of their unsurmounted beasts

Must they forever like flies

Huddle in the market place

Where they fight for things…..infested

With maggots and worms

While the storehouses of like….are

Filled with niceties undefiled

Who am I? wondered I at another time

That I should be wroth against the “children of Adam”

They “like packs of dogs prey upon each other”

But do I not prey upon my own self?

They deem I victims of the tyranny…of

Their unsurmounted beasts

But do they not in their struggle to surmount .. their


Stay together, fight and die together.

Am I not then a coward

Who would fain retreat from their struggle

Of transcending beast into man

To hold council with mountains and …the


Where in the seclusion of my soul

Deem I them more beast than beast

Do I not in deserting “the children of Adam”

Desert Humanity?

And also desert my own self

Alas no repented I

I will not be so vile as to hate the beast in man

For there dwells a thing within me

Which is even more beast than their beast

I will not be so base

As to desert humanity for the sake of my own


What is my aloneness but a thing vain and trammeled

By the passions of self

Is not humanity one eternal chain

Of which I am a link

What then seek I in solitude and aloneness

What virtues have I acquired

That I may give as a bounty to humanity

The sun which sustaineth the life of


Shed not its radiance only upon the mountains and the


But upon the valleys, plains and deserts also

It shineth in its full measure

Upon things high and low alike

Such is the justice of life

Of what value are my virtues

If I should forever keep them

Within the boundaries of solitude and aloneness

Must I not then surmount my solitude and aloneness

Rise above the judgement of mine inward eye

To embrace all humanity with free and loving heart

All these things said I

Within mine inner heart

Still, many years spent I

Avoiding the company of mankind

Then the world at a glance saw I

Like a dark night travailing

With the pergnancy of a new light

At another glance saw I this light

Emanating from the womb of the world

Shedding its brilliance upon a people

Whose morning had not yet become day

Beyond many lives and lands

Transcended I my mind

Ere understood I the meaning of this light

When it had illumined the hearts of many peoples

Percieved I through mine inward inner eye

“The earth is one country and mankind its citizens”

With new hopes and new dreams

Vowed I to abandon my solitude and aloneness

To dwell where I truly belong

Within the family of man

Ken George Dill

Mandeville Jamaica

Many moons ago