Be Afraid

Sometimes when scientists speak about the “impending extinction of species” and make recommendations to mitigate or avert the looming calamity, many of us with closed minds and an inveterate love for money and an illusory concept of what development and progress means, refer to them as “extremists” and “obstructionists to development and progress”

If progress and development means the extermination of species, the pollution of water sources, the contamination of the air we breathe, the destruction of rainforests, the marginalization and exploitation of the defenseless, the brainwashing of people to consume unhealthy foods, we definitely need to re-evaluate our understanding of “development and progress.

It is really scary when you hear influential people say things like, “we need to dig down some of those mountains and cut down some of those useless trees and bring some development into the country”

When you hear a farmer says that the food he gives to his family he grows organically but the food he sells to people he uses chemical fertilizers, pesticides and weedicides to grow them, you wonder if conscience and moral values still exist in some of us.

Scientists have been for many years sounding the alarm about the threat to bees.
Think for a moment of the indispensable role bees play in our sustainability, without bees we could witness the extinction of fruit trees, flowers and so many other things.

I personally do not support the Monsanto concept of replacing the natural order of things with GMOs, which is an flagitious and insidious way to control the agricultural industry so as to amass billions of dollars.

With impending introduction of 5G, experts are already sounding the alarm of its destructive capacity to harm the environment, humans and many other species, I am sure those warnings will go unheeded.

Please follow this link and be afraid, yes be very afraid.

The Earth is one country and all humans are its citizens Dismiss