Brunah Goes To War

The City Of Feldgikin

Now it came to pass that the City of Feldgikin was completed and fortified, it was truly a magnificent city, within its walls there were trees of the kind that existed in Anginor.

Namunkadar planted a special garden of Siliris, it thrived and flowered, all who chanced to see its splendour would stand and gaze upon it in wonder. Ungalar was pleased with the mighty walls which his people had wrought around the city because he felt that it could be easily defended if there was an attack. His soul was however troubled about Namunkadar who was almost always silent and spent much time tending the garden of Siliris, he would also treat and cure those who suffered from any ailments.

For some time Brunah had been planning war against Katungax and the kingdom of Mundakag.

He made ready his Briz Bulags, foul beasts, men and hideous creatures, “I will crush the upstart Katungax and make him pay for humiliating me many years ago” mused Brunah, “I will devise the most horrible punishment for him, yes he must die but slowly and painfully, he shall suffer more pain that any man or beast ever suffered”. Now when news of the Sirilis reached Brunah, his greed and envy diverted him form his purpose with Katungax, he made plans to invade Feldgikin, destroy the city and take unto himself this “magic fruit” He was incensed by the refusal of Ungalar to accept his invitation to visit Bangotandrim, he was also nervous about the new city and the strange people who came form over the seas.

It came to pass that as he mustered his great army along the straits of Lunkas Porgul, the Aginorians were aware of his intentions. Ungalar immediately prepared for battle, he gathered to him his brothers Tanglikin, Remansan and Ramangban and with his son Namunkadar at his side, marched forth with all the host of the Aginorians to meet the onslaught of Brunah. The clash was terrible, the earth shook and trembled, the forces of Brunah were mighty, among them were the Briz Bulags which Brunah sent to the front of the battle, their shrieking and cacophonous bellowing which sounded like an army of plastic dentures chewing their way through a weevil infested cornfield, drove many to madness.

Ungalar and his brothers slew a host of the enemy but Ungalar was slain by a mighty Briz Bulag, Namunkadar rode upon it and with a mighty heave cleft the head of the Briz Bulag asunder and it fell dead upon the ground.

None could withstand the wrath of Namaunkadar, even the Briz Bulags fled before the shining of his face for his anger was kindled and his hands delivered death to any man or beast who stood before him. Now the host of Brunah were numerous and they greatly outnumbered the Aginorians they entered the City of Feldgikin and partially razed it to the ground and unknown to Namunkadr his mother Eshenberen was slain among many Aginorians who tried to defend the city. While the battle raged thoughts of the Siliris filled the mind of Brunah and he could think of nothing else. With a contingent of his most fearsome fighters he rode upon the orchard of the Siliris and commanded them to gather seedlings and destroy all the trees. Namunkadar perceiving the mind of Brunah, along with Tanglikin, Ramansen, Ramangban and an army of Aginorians rode upon Brunah and the most gruesome battle began. Tanglikin, and a host of the Aginorians were slain but Namunkadar, Ramansen and Ramangban prevailed.

The Aginorians were wavering and victory seemed close at hand for Brunah, when from out of the west came King Katungax and his mighty army of Mundakag, they descended upon the host of Brunah and they were thrown into confusion. King Katungax was mighty in battle and he led the charge with such ferocity that even the Briz Bulags were fearful but they stood and fought to the death, Katungax hewed the heads of many Briz Bulags from their bodies, none of the men of Brunah could withstand him, such was the strength of his arm and his fate.

Namunkadar was like a phantom of death, for the first time he displayed the power which only the Aratars knew existed in him. Beams of light appeared to issue forth form his eyes, he rode upon Brunah in such great wrath that Brunah was fearful and fled before his face, and all the his host fled with him, thus ended the first battle between Brunah and the Aginorian People.

Namunkadar and Katungax

It came to pass that Namunkadar the son of Ungalar and the King Katungax who were unscathed in the battle, met for the first time. “Sire” said Namunkadar unto Katungax, “I know not who you are, from whence you came or the purpose of your coming but it was indeed timely, I and all the Aginorian people owe our lives to you”. “Any one who is an enemy of Brunah is a friend of mine” said Katungax and he stretched out his hand to Namunkadar, “I am king Katungax from the Kingdom of Mundakag in the west”.

Namunkadar shook the extended hand of the king and knelt before him, “my Lord” said Namunkadar, “I am Namunkadar son of Ungalar king of the Aginorian people,who was slain in the battle against he who seems to be our mutual enemy”. “Well met Namunkadar” said Katungax, “much have I heard about you and your people who came to Olderion form beyond the seas, it is unfortunate that the circumstances of war was the catalyst which led us to cross each others paths”.

Now night was fast approaching and Katungax ordered his army to encamp around the Beleaguered city of Feldgikin, they worked long into the night helping the Aginorians to bury their dead and tend the wounded. When Namunkadar discovered the death of Eshenberen he was sorely aggrieved, kneeling beside the body of his mother he said out loud “O my mother, you who loved me as no one else can ever love me, from out of Anginor under curse and fire, you have come into the land of Olderion, hoping to understand what to you was then a dream nebulous and elusive. With vigor and zest you worked tirelessly to help build a city which though wrought with hands of innocence was conceived in the mist of a curse, the price of that curse my mother, was your life, the life of your husband my father, his brother and the many others who perished this day. I cannot reverse that curse but your death I surely will avenge.”

Many days had now passed since the battle between the Aginorians and the forces of Brunah.

The City of Feldgikin stood in ruins, eight hundred of the Aginorian people had died, the dead from the host of Brunah numbered over two thousand. There was great weeping and lamentation among the Aginorian people they wept for their friends and loved ones and for Ungalar, Tanglikin and Eshenberen whom they loved dearly.

Then Namunkadar called together all the Aginorian people, for as the only son of Ungalar he would now become king, he spoke to them thus: “People of Anginor, we have all known the bliss and splendour of our beloved land Anginor, yet by our own free will we have chosen to come to this new land in a quest to fulfill our dreams to understand the mysteries of the outer world.

Now that very mystery which we have come to unravel has even now become a greater mystery and therein lies our challenge to understand ourselves as a people. We are living in a land with a people of whom we know little of and a God of whom we know still less of, we have an enemy to whom we have done no wrong, this enemy has left us bereft of our city and our king but I say unto you people of Anginor the grief and sorrow we now experience is a direct result of our own disobedience, we cannot interfere with the floodgates of the past and not be affected by the rushing waters of the future.

The future we left Anginor to seek is now our present and it shall soon become our past for such is the evanescence of the world of matter Many of our people who left Anginor for this land are no more, so too many who stand here and now shall soon be no more for who is it among us that can direct the course of the caprices of chance and time.

Still, though we have no power over the vicissitudes of chance and time as a people we must endeavour the direct the course of our lives as far as we are able to, my father our king is dead and we must now choose a king who will lead us into the uncertainty of the future, whom shall you have as your king?”.

The Aginorian people shouted as with one voice, “we shall have Namunkadar son of Ungalar as our king” Namunkadar said unto them, “would you not have either my uncle Ramansen or Ramangban as your king for they are men of great renown and experience who are far more suitable than I to be king” but they answered again saying “we will have Namunkadar son of Ungalar as our king”.