About Dominica

Advertisements Country Profile Country Profile Official Name: Commonwealth of Dominica Click for larger map Short Name: Dominica Capital City: Roseau Languages: English, French Patois (“Kwéyòl”) Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD) Exchange Rate: USD 1 : XCD 2.7169 Economy: Agriculture-based Geography Region: Eastern Caribbean Location: Between the French islands of Guadeloupe to the north and Martinique […]


Dominica’s Symbols

Advertisements National Flag National Flag of Dominica The Flag of the Commonwealth of Dominica consists of a circular emblem of red bearing a Sisserou Parrot (Amazona imperials) standing on a twig encircled by ten lime green stars. This is superimposed on three vertical and three horizontal stripes of yellow, black and white forming a triple […]


Dominica’s National Flower

Advertisements Dominica National Flower – Sabinea Carinalis (Bwa Kwaib) Welcome to our page where you can access information about Sabinea Carinalis or Bwa Kwaib, a National Symbol of the Commonwelath of Dominica country. National Flower of Dominica Dominica Flower: Bwa Kwaib (Sabinea Carinalis) The flower honoured as our National Flower is a wild xerophitic plant […]