Ethereal Whispers


The Hummingbird receives nectar from the flower with gratitude and the flower gives its nectar with pleasure, between their actions of giving and receiving they perpetuate the continuity of their species, maybe we can learn something from their reciprocal actions!

Happy Holidays to my friends and family


Abdu'l -Baha

Centenary of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s passing:
A look at worldwide gatherings

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BAHÁ’Í WORLD CENTRE , 3 December 2021, (BWNS) — As centenary commemorations encircled the globe on Saturday, thoughts and hearts worldwide converged on ‘Abdu’l-Bahá. People in country after country, as though by a continuous thread, were connected in their love and immeasurable admiration for one Whom they turn to as the perfect example of love for humankind and of selfless service to society.

Countless people from diverse backgrounds and faiths in every land have been reflecting on ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s words and hearing stories from His life, contemplating the implications of His call for universal peace for their own lives.

As gatherings being held in honor of this historic occasion continue, the gallery of images featured on provides a tiny glimpse of the unnumbered endeavors across and within the countries of the world over the past week.


Response to comments made by Bernard Frampton about my recent Facebook post:

First let me assure you Bernard that I have no political ambition or affiliation and I therefore have no bias against or for any political party.As mentioned in the published commentary on Facebook, I was not trying to attack or defend the Prime Minister, the sole purpose of the article was to highlight the intensity of the partisan politics presently pervading Dominica.As to your question of whether Roosevelt Skerritt and Lennox Linton are engaged in some personal duel:“Everyone keeps talking about the country is divided as though it is so in a sort of abstract sense, as if Lennox Linton and Roosevelt Skerrit are involved in some personal duel that is nationalized”.

Bernard there is no “abstraction” here the division is real, It is a fact that Dominica is polarized by partisan politics, it is a fact that both men lead opposing political parties and the reverberations within this turbulent mix of different political ideologies, often translate into social antagonism.

Your suggestion that my comments “reveal a type of passiveness and mild reflection that is contributing to the malaise in Dominica”.Let me hasten to point out to you that the “malaise” I assume that you are referring to, existed before I made my comments and will exist even when the hand that presently pens this response can no longer write, it has existed before the birth of either Roosevelt Skerritt or Lennox Linton and it will continue to exist beyond the lifespan of you or I.

Your suggestion that the Prime Minister may have used state funds “in exchange for his accolade” this is totally out of the scope of my knowledge and I cannot even consider a response to that.Concerning this comment you made:“Furthermore, I challenge you to find one case in which a Head of State organized a motorcade with political constituents on receiving an honorary degree: these types of superficial public acts overshadow more meaningful engagement that all Dominicans need to have about the state of affairs of the country. When there are so many glaring and troubling things going wrong with the governance of the country and you can’t get these same people to hold their leader accountable, then of course it becomes a problem”.

My comments were not made on the premise that the celebration was organized by a “Head of State”, because I have no such knowledge.“On your third question, it is naive to think that an honorary degree can be used to help Dominica in any significant way, especially when it is received as part of a quid pro quo”.

My comments were not about what the achievement of an honorary degree could do or not do for Dominica, they were solely about the reaction to its achievement.As to whether it was received “quid pro quo” please elabourate on this because I have no such knowledge. Let me assure you and anyone who read this that I have no desire to perpetrate division and strife, my most fervent wish is to see Dominicans transcend the boundaries of partisan politics and embrace the polychromatic tapestry of our people and the beauty of our land.I have no further desire to continue this dialogue