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The Tragic Life Of Mary Dickson

Mary Dickson was born in St. Mary Jamaica in an era of rural plantocracy when most people in the districts worked on plantations for their livelihood. 

She was the daughter of a ruthless, racist, wealthy father who as a large plantation owner, used money and power to get what he wanted.

Her mother Margaret Dickson was a beautiful young ambitious girl who became a docile woman living under the total dominance and control of a man who disrespected  her and strippled her of her dignity and identity.

As a young girl Mary was sexually abused and raped by her father, she was also a victim of her father’s racism and wealth.

To some she was “Miss Mary” the pretty “fair skin girl” with “good hair” to others she was “the uppity, bastard daughter of a wicked man who believed that she was white and better than the poor black people”

Living in a community where ninety percent of the people were black, Mary was not allowed to be friends with dark skinned people.

Her only friend was Agatha Sharpe, the daughter of another mulatto plantation owner.

When she fell in love with Amarte Duncan, a brilliant young artist and aspiring scholar of the wrong colour, it almost cost him his life.

To end the relationship between Mary and Amarte, her father sent her away to school in America, where she graduated with a PhD in Comparative Religion and Psychology.

Amarte, after obtaining a PhD in Political Science in Jamaica, moved to America where he and Mary were able to consummate their love in an intensely passionate romance.

Mary was tormented and consumed by the unpleasant memories of the things her father did to her, she was not able to settle down with Amarte in New York.

She left him and went to the Orient and Europe where she spent twenty two years trying to pacify her mind.

When she returned to America, the relationship was strained, the bond between them was so strong they were able to rekindle their romance but it was short lived.

Though she loved Amarte she was still not able to settle down, she could not get away for the memories of the years of sexual abuse by her father.

While back in America Mary found out that her parents had been dead for over two years and she decided to return to Jamaica.

Returning to Jamaica only made the memories worse and she could not find any inner peace.

The moving love story of Amarte and Mary is captured in the many letters they wrote to each other after their final separation.

Mary was not able to overcome the painful memories from her childhood life, she succumbed to schizophrenia and died in the Bellevue Mental Institution

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Requiem For Mary Dickson

Ring bells of freedom to cheer the hearts of those who love Mary

Let the drums of Justice loudly roll across the land

Raise your voices and sing with joyful gladness

The unicorn has trampled upon the head of the serpent

But it is too late to save Mary

Let the young maidens and lasses gather and weep for Mary

She is wounded and her pain is overwhelming her mind

Though the serpent is no more, its venom runs in her veins

Listen with your ears and you will hear Mary crying

Let tears fall from your eyes and stain your garments

Cry out with loud voices for Mary as she lay dying

The horn of the unicorn gored the predator, too late to save Mary

Her wounds are deep and cannot be healed

Though the arrow from the archer’s hand slayed the dragon

It’s fiery breath has too severely scorched Mary

Soon she will be gone where she weeps no more

Though the dragon and the serpent have been slain

Others like them will return to live among you

Guard and protect little children and young maidens if you loved Mary.

Be ready, yes be ever ready to protect and defend the children

Let not dragons and serpents cause them to weep like Mary

Play upon harps and lutes for the children

Guard them to walk freely and unafraid across the meadows

Let them never like Mary, be afraid to to sleep at nights

As a token in memory of Mary, run with them to the rivers

Listen with them to their meandering to the sea

Teach them of life in its onward unstoppable motion.

Let no man or beast rob them of their innocence.

Like they did to Mary

Rise up in the mornings with the sun

Walk in the forest beneath the trees

Let your hearts be cheerful as you hear

The wind caressing the leaves and branches

When the birds sing to welcome the day

Sing along with them and be thankful for your life.

Say a prayer in memory of the tragic life of Mary

“Upon Nature’s breast may she rest in peace

Until to another morning’s new birth

She may rise into another life and another world

Kenneth George Dill
Kenneth George Dill

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