Contemplations of a visionary

A Cry from The Soul of Alomengo Hitanzi

The Ebullience

As the day said farewell to the sun, Alomengo Hitanzi placed his hand upon the handle of the spinning wheel, a plethora of thoughts and ineffable emotions pervaded his mind.

He stared at the mountains which seem so vast and unreachable, he felt a deep joy mixed with emptiness within his soul, it is difficult to describe this feeling. It is somewhat like a man who is lost in the wilderness and he is tired form his efforts to find his way out.

He sits upon a fallen tree, downcast and forlorn he wonders if he will ever get out. Darkness has fallen, he sits motionless and listens to the voice of the forest until the moon decorated the wilderness with golden beams, then suddenly he beholds the Houri of his deeper longing walking between the trees to meet him.

She represented so many things he longed for; she was the embodiment of attributes which he looked for in women but never really found.

She loved the earth, talked to trees, and abhorred the murder of animals; she worked to heighten the awareness of humanity of its inter-disconnectedness with the earth.

Like Alomengo Hitanzi, she believed in the symbiotic relationship between humanity and the earth. In the stillness of the night, they embraced and held each other.

As long as he held her in his arms, being lost in the wilderness did not matter, to him she was warmth, shelter and a new world with fervent hopes and dreams.

The embrace lasted for what seemed like an eternity, then she was gone and once again the dreariness of the wilderness engulfed his spirit.

He knew that life goes on and so too must he for there are challenges even greater than the darkness of the wilderness which he must face on his journey to be illumined by Eternity’s Sunrise.

Though he knew within his heart that all things are evanescent, and attachment only lead to pain, he somehow wished that he could one day find a woman with whom he could share his life, someone with whom he could share the secrets of his heart.

He mused when he remembered the words form Calvin Sashone, Creative mythology “And after he had made all the creatures of the earth, only then did Creator made man and woman. And fashioned their bodies that they should know each other’s flesh, but their souls that they should forever be strangers. For only thus might they find their true path”.

The Calling of the soul

It came to pass that in the darkness Alomengo Hitanzi cried out unto the universe and spoke thus: “Hear me O beloved of my soul as I lift up my voice unto the wind, perchance my words shall be borne to you wherever you are.

should this be the hour of my down going then fain will I go down but not into emptiness.

Come unto me O friend of my soul, I feel a deep yearning for your presence, I long for you like the parched desert longs for the loving touch of the raindrops, within me there is a void which I believe that maybe you can fill.

O how I deplore the obstreperousness of the world beyond, my soul is lonely and travailing, yet it seeks not the company of the children of men, it is comforted but not pacified by silence and aloneness for deep within me, an indefatigable restlessness is ever reaching out for something which is seemingly unreachable.

Darkness has fallen upon me O precious Houri of my dreams, come unto me; enter my world where thoughts of you are like columns of light guiding me through this dark night. Hear the call this night of I Alomengo Hitanzi , hearken unto my plea and grace me with your presence.

O woman, sagacious woman, whose untrammeled vision looks into the infinity of the universe even to calculate the distance of celestial bodies light-years beyond where we struggle to understand the difference between up and down.

In the days of my wild years, I wrote these words to you whom I knew not.

Lonely Soul

“I feel an insatiable yearning for something loftier than the mountains, deeper than the oceans and more sublime than the sun and the stars. Within me there is a loneliness in my soul that weeps when I laugh and it is forever awake when I sleep.

This loneliness in my soul deplores the duplicity of human machination and the clamour of a world out of control, it finds peace only is silence and aloneness. It longs to meet anther lonely soul who will say: “In the silence of the night I heard your call and I have come to you, I have often quivered with the tempo of your emotions, in your aloneness you were not alone”.

“I too have been in an aloneness which I thought to be mine alone now I know that it was also yours.” When you were an embryonic emotion revolving within the mist of time, I was not unlike you; then the hand of life cast us like grains of sand into this land before the grave, where we lament the past, abhor the present and fear the future.” “There is nothing more that we can do here, let us join hands and journey to face eternity’s sunrise where our dreams shall be like dreams within dreams”.


Beloved If you hear my call, does your mind wonder what I Alomengo Hitanzi seek of you?. With that of my heart which I believe that I know, I foremost seek your friendship beyond that, all at this time is obscure and nebulous to my mind.

Kahlil Gibran said “Let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit for love that seeks aught but the disclosure of its own mystery, is like a net cast forth and only the unprofitable are caught.”

You are like a new and fascinating world than I am trying to discover, and I desire not to lay any chains across your path or to place barriers around you which will encumber your coming in or going out.


Should we find that the forces of life impel our souls to walk together than let us walk but never in each other’s shadow and be thankful to the Great spirit for having brought us together. Also, should the forces of life bid our souls to walk their own ways then let us be thankful to the Great Spirit for the understanding we shared, even if we did not know the difference between up and down.

* “When you part from your friend, grieve not for that which you loved most in him, may be clearer in his absence as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain.” * Kahlil Gibran

All good wishes and a word of love from,Alomengo Hitanzi

KGD Jamaica 1978

The Earth is one country and all humans are its citizens Dismiss