COVID Paranoia

Things are really looking bleak
They say the virus is not yet at its peak
Just to make a survival dish
I must stand in line to buy rice and salt fish

Like the Trinis say “O God, things are bad”
Not much about for me to be glad
Since long now no job no money
Can hardly buy a bottle of honey

When the phone rings, I freeze and stand still
Fearing someone is calling about a bill
It is no longer safe to hug a friend
That could mean my life will end

If I want to sweep my room
I put on gloves before I touch the broom
When the post man comes to the door
I make him throw the mail on the floor

I am afraid of my neighbour’s little son
I treat him like he was carrying a gun
So confusing to watch the news
Too many conflicting views

Going to Roseau driving my car
Feels like I am going to war
Waged by an enemy I cannot see
I feel safer at home drinking my bush tea



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