• Maria came and hurriedly went its way
  • Now a deadly virus is coming maybe to stay
  • We are not even sure what is its name
  • But of it, like Maria we are scared just the same
  • Be prepared is the main cry we hear
  • Acting on impulse and inordinate fear
  • In panic we rush to stock up on food
  • Over which we will sit at home and brood
  • To safely accomplish any task
  • We must now cover our face with a mask
  • Do not shake hands we are told
  • Not with the young or even the old
  • Social distance we are asked to keep
  • From six away, at each other, we must peep
  • It may cause you to laugh
  • To you find yourself struggling not to cough
  • At home never let your bleach
  • Be out of reach
  • Lurking even on your window sill
  • May be this virus so hard to kill
  • When your own face you cannot touch
  • You may think its a bit much
  • If what they say is true
  • It is something you should not do
  • You may find this funny
  • But the virus may be on your money
  • Even if you were just holding a rope
  • Be sure to wash your hands with soap
  • So depressing it is to watch the news
  • With all the conjectures and inconsistent views
  • Even if doctors cannot agree on what is right
  • For your life never give up and refuse to fight
  • KGD

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