Dear George

Dear George,

Just as we “cannot rise above our achievements or fall below our failures”, so too we can not focus beyond our own understanding of life and what it means to us.

Yes, our understanding can change based on the knowledge we acquire but what ever changes and adjustments we make in relation to the acquired knowledge, we will always relate to our environment according to our current understanding and appreciation of it.

There will always be those who do not share our views and at times even castigate us for what we think and profess to believe in.

Still, night will devour day and day will conquer night, the feet of time will mercilessly march on crushing those who are in its path, those who are left behind will rejoice or lament those who have been crushed but all they can really do is bide their time until they too are crushed.

My friend always try to be at peace with yourself and the things around you, appreciate those moments when you see the wolf stalking the deer, even when it rises up and kills the deer, its victory is as ephemeral as the dew drops which falls upon the grass at night but disperses with the rising of the sun.

Yes, the wolf may seemingly conquer the deer but it too shall be conquered by another power and like the deer will also become a victim.

There are no winners and losers, we are all on the road journeying to the same end, the only thing which differentiates us is our awareness of who we are and where we are going.