For Carolyn

For Carolyn

Many days have passed
Since I have seen your smile
Or the friendly look in your eyes
Today before the sun goes down
I hope you’ll come to see me
And share with me your thoughts on life

It fees so good to have a friend like you
So gifted and sincere in all you do
As I listen to the silence in y soul
I hear the answers to the questions
Born from the hopes and dreams we share

My body is cold and my mind is hazy
Children scream and my head aches
I long for the solitude I gave up this morning
Surrendering to the need to work again
Clouds passing on the horizon
Leave me uncomforted to gaze at the rain

Many people trying to break through my silence
With questions which send me
To hide behind the spoken word for protection
Through the windows of my thoughts
I look beyond the Bloomfield trees
To see you smiling sweetly inside your silent heart

Kenneth George-Dill
Mandeville Jamaica

The Earth is one country and all humans are its citizens Dismiss