For Elaine

For my friend Elaine Jamaica 1976

Like an erotic Houri
You came to me with zest and euphoria
You consoled me with mothering tenderness
The intensity of your affections
Captivated my mind with the passion of your spirit

My thirsty soul which roamed
In the desert of loneliness
Found in you an oasis
From which it drank soothing water
You were a spark
Which ignited an un-kindled flame
Half asleep and wavering within me

When I look upon the horizons beyond the sea
I wonder if you will ever come back to me
From my memories of you
I love you
Like a poet loves his dreams and waking thoughts

In the mornings when I rise to greet the day
I miss you
Like a caged eagle misses soaring in the skies
A pleasant and tranquil though
Shall you always be
Quivering upon the lips pf my heart

Jamaica 1976

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