For Janet

For Janet

I looked for you in a world
Where the suns brunt themselves out
And the moons were darkened
As I walked amid the souls
Of those who died before they were born
I heard your calling
But could not see your face

Vividly I saw the destruction
Of minds smouldering to ashes
Leavening specters to wander aimlessly
Obfuscating the one mirror
Left to guide the credulous coming from the rear

In a field of nothingness I saw your weeping eyes
But could not tell the colour of your tears
As time stood still
And love refused to breathe
I heard the lamenting of hearts inflamed
As madness raped the virgins of sanity

No gods interfered, no angels came to save
Then you touched my fingertips and departed
With the sound of music heralding your way to another life.

Jamaica 1977