For Stephan

For Stephan Patrick Braham

I awoke to find myself
Surrounded by the presence of my Beloved
Upon His bosom He laid my head
And enlivened my soul
With the wisdom of His words
In no wise could I escape His presence
His presence pervadeth all things

Though I be bound by time and space
He frees me with His touch
To know the timeless and to walk in the spaceless
My Beloved is not dream
From which I shall awaken
With soothing and pleasant memories
In His hands He holds all my dreams

At dawn He lifts me up
To sing His praise with matutinal ecstasy
At noon He sits with me beside the fire
While I trace my shadow upon the earth
And long for the culmination of another birth

Kenneth George Dill

Jamaica 1972

The Earth is one country and all humans are its citizens Dismiss