Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria

Using the guise of darkness to hide your face
Across our land you did race
Causing so much destruction in your wake
Not even Trump would say you were a fake

Homes and lives you have ripped apart
For a new beginning many know not where to start
To our forests once so lush and green
What you have done, many before have never seen

Still vivid to my mind is how you ripped off my front door
Smashing it to smithereens on the floor
Like a raging demon you entered the house
All I could do was watch you timid as a mouse

From my face my glasses you did tear, how unkind
Them for Many days I could not find
Pity for our country you had none
Fiercely you battered us till you were ready to be done
So much you destroyed with rain
Oblivious of our grief and pain

Many innocent lives you snuffed out
Ignoring their pleas no matter how loud they shout
Nothing good from your actions can you claim
Since destruction has no path leading to fame
Bountiful wergild we do deserve from you
Even though that is true
We have no means or way
To ensure that to us you are forced to pay

Though much destruction you have wrought
More admirable is how, you Dominica so gallantly fought
Much from us you have taken
Yet our love for this land you have re-awaken
Maria, Maria, though upon the wings of night you came
Dominica is not likely to forget your name

Kenneth George-Dill
My Reflections of Hurricane Maria

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