If I Could

If I Could

If I could I would hold you in my arms, induce your slumber,
And watch you sleep.
I would sit with you under a tree by a river when the night devours the day and tell you
about rainbows and that you are cute even when you don’t smile.

It would be fun to tell you that the child in me has an
affinity to the child in you but since my child is my child and your
child is your child we will do only what is best for our children.
If I could I would sing you a song and make your heart
even when your eyes are sad and your countenance is grave.
If I could I would take in my hands the days and nights from which
years were born and erase all traces of sadness from them.

If I could I would make all things now vague and nebulous to your
unfold before your eyes with clarity untrammeled.
If I could I would reveal to you the secrets of the spaces between
friends who cross each others paths but know not how to follow the
path together.
If I could I would enter your dreams and even if it’s only while you
sleep walk in your world and inebriate myself in its mysteries.
All these things I would do—if I could


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