Images And Yokes

Images And Yokes

Once I found myself spending too much time guarding my images, so I broke them and buried them along with the principles I inherited from those who considered themselves judges of my images.

When I was seen walking alone without my images, some people said that I was “without ambition”; others said that I was “a hopeless and misguided fool” but most people said that I was a “madman”.

A minister of religion asked me “why I stopped coming to church”, I told him that one day I saw God walking with the people he called “sinners” who were going to “hell’ so I have been congregating with the sinners in order to be closer to God.

He pronounced me “a son of the devil” who would “roast in hell”

As time went on I also broke the chains of my upbringing and threw the pieces where I could never find them again.

For this I was declared a radical, a revolutionary and an enemy of family values, who should be avoided by all decent and ambitious young people.

Many years later I met a woman struggling under the weight of a heavy yoke, I laid my hands upon her yoke and fell asleep, and when I awoke we were both wearing heavy yokes.

I meditated upon whether I would be better off with images without yokes or yokes without images.

A voice within me whispered, “One can only be free of images and yokes, when though they bind and gird your life they do not retard the development and growth of your spirit.

Seek not to break or destroy your images and yokes, you must outgrow them.

A man in anger or frustration may break his images and yokes but is able to re construct them along with his own downfall, but a man even if he so desires cannot put on the clothes of his childhood because they are no longer able to fit him.

For many years I carried this great yoke, hoping to outgrow it but it got heavier and heavier, the woman daily kept putting new yokes upon my shoulders until my stature became so stooped that all I could see was my shadow upon the ground.

My only consolation in those days were my wingless angels, it was only for them that I remained within the boundaries of sanity.

I contemplated death but decided that I was not yet worthy of that exalted transition.

The caterpillar must like a worm crawl upon its belly before it can open the door to buttrerflyhood.

So too must man guard his images and bear his yokes until he is worthy of outgrowing them.

Unlike the caterpillar man must know that the outgrowing of his images and yokes is dependent on the development of his mind and the growth of his spirit.

Ken George Dill

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