In Home Quarantine

Monday 04th January 2021

I was recently in close contact with persons who have tested positive for the Corona Virus. The Ministry of Health has mandated that I remain in Home Quarantine for the next 14 days. My quarantine starts today.

The conditions of my Home Quarantine restricts me form leaving the house or to interact with anyone, on Friday 08 January the ministry of health will send someone to my house to give me a PCR test, hopefully the result will be negative.

Tuesday 05 January Day Two Of my Home Quarantine

7 AM, I am experiencing some mild symptoms which are consistent with the Corona Virus infection but my body temperature is 97.5, I have contacted many of the persons I was in close contact with and informed them of my situation

6.30 PM Cheryl has just sent me soup, almond milk, and some groceries. It is absolutely amazing how much COVID 19 impacts on our lives, Martin has to leave the things he brings for me on the bench outside and I pick them up after he leaves. Clem just came back from the farm with okras and he also has to leave them on the bench outside for me to pick them up.

It is such a wonderful feeling to experience so much love from these wonderful human beings, I am so grateful, words cannot adequately express my appreciation.

Okras which Clem brought from the farm today

8.15 PM The headache is gone but I still have a nasal congestion, it is time for a cup of Moringa Tea.

1.45 PM 06 January Day Three of my Home Quarantine, I still have a nasal congestion but otherwise I feel fine.


10.50 PM just had a cup of morninga with ginger and said my prayers, now I am getting ready to call it a night💔. My congestion is getting better.

O my God, my Master, the Goal of my desire! This, Thy servant, seeketh to sleep in the shelter of Thy mercy, and to repose beneath the canopy of Thy grace, imploring Thy care and Thy protection.

I beg of Thee, O my Lord, by Thine eye that sleepeth not, to guard mine eyes from beholding aught beside Thee. Strengthen, then, their vision that they may discern Thy signs, and behold the Horizon of Thy Revelation. Thou art He before the revelations of Whose omnipotence the quintessence of power hath trembled.

No God is there but Thee, the Almighty, the All-Subduing, the Unconditioned.

Bahá’u’lláh, #222

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