In Home Quarantine

Monday 04th January 2021 Day One in Home Quarantine

On Saturday 02January I transferred 4 persons from the Fort Young Hotel to the Roseau Government Clinic, Two days later the Ministry of Health called to inform me that 3 of the persons tested positive for COVID 19 and because of my exposure to them, I had to immediately go into Home Quarantine for 14 days.

The conditions of my Home Quarantine restricts me form leaving the house or to interact with anyone. On Friday 08 January the ministry of health will send someone to my house to give me a PCR test, I can easily handle the 14 days Home Quarantine but not being able to go to the farm will be my biggest challenge.

Tuesday 05 January Day Two Of my Home Quarantine

7 AM, I am experiencing some mild symptoms which are consistent with the Corona Virus infection but my body temperature is 97.5, I have contacted many of the persons I was in close contact with and informed them of my situation

6.30 PM Cheryl has just sent me soup, almond milk, and some groceries. It is absolutely amazing how much COVID 19 impacts on our lives, Martin has to leave the things he brings for me on the bench outside and I pick them up after he leaves. Clem just came back from the farm with okras and he also has to leave them on the bench outside for me to pick them up.

It is such a wonderful feeling to experience so much love from these wonderful human beings, I am so grateful, words cannot adequately express my appreciation.

Okras which Clem brought from the farm today

8.15 PM The headache is gone but I still have a nasal congestion, it is time for a cup of Moringa Tea.

10.50 PM just had a cup of morninga with ginger and said my prayers, now I am getting ready to call it a night💔. My congestion is getting better.

My Evening Prayer

O my God, my Master, the Goal of my desire! This, Thy servant, seeketh to sleep in the shelter of Thy mercy, and to repose beneath the canopy of Thy grace, imploring Thy care and Thy protection.

I beg of Thee, O my Lord, by Thine eye that sleepeth not, to guard mine eyes from beholding aught beside Thee. Strengthen, then, their vision that they may discern Thy signs, and behold the Horizon of Thy Revelation. Thou art He before the revelations of Whose omnipotence the quintessence of power hath trembled.

No God is there but Thee, the Almighty, the All-Subduing, the Unconditioned.

Bahá’u’lláh, #222

Wednesday 06 January 1.45 PM , Day Three of my Home Quarantine, I still have a nasal congestion but otherwise I feel fine, I am enjoying the pumpkin soup I made, so good to be consuming something grown on the Organic Farm.

I cleaned the house, did some writing on my blog, made phone calls and responded to inquiries.

My Noon Day Prayer

“I bear witness, O my God, that Thou hast created me to know Thee and to worship Thee. I testify, at this moment, to my powerlessness and to Thy might, to my poverty and to Thy wealth.There is none other God but Thee, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting”.


From 7-8.10 PM I had a Zoom meeting with my Baha’i Colleagues Ian Breuser, Rosabeth Breuser, and Roslyn Bowers.

11.40 PM, my nasal congestion is clearing up, time to say my evening prayers and go to bed

O Lord I have turned my face unto Thy kingdom of oneness and am immersed in the sea of Thy mercy. 

O Lord, enlighten my sight by beholding Thy lights in this dark night, and make me happy by the wine of Thy love in this wonderful age. O Lord, make me hear Thy call, and open before my face the doors of Thy heaven, so that I may see the light of Thy glory and become attracted to Thy beauty.
Verily, Thou art the Giver, the Generous, the Merciful, the Forgiving.

‘Abdu’l-Bahá, #224

Friday 08 January Day Five of my Home Quarantine

Waiting to be tested for COVID 19 by the Ministry of Health
On January 2nd I transferred 4 persons from the Fort Young Hotel to the Roseau Government Clinic, Two days later the Ministry of Health called to inform me that 3 of the persons tested positive for COVID 19 and I had to immediately go into Home Quarantine
While I am in Home Quarantine Clem has been taking care of the farm, he just brought sorrel and okras

2.47 PM – 3 persons from the Ministry of Health came to my house and and gave me a PCR Test, I should have the results in 48 hours, until then I must remain in quarantine at home.I have the sign of the Greatest Name on my front door, one nurse was curious about what it meant, I think the only thing she understood was that I am a Baha’i.

Every Day I recite the Tablet of Ahmad at least twice:

The Tablet of Ahmad

He is the King, the All-Knowing, the Wise!  Lo, the Nightingale of Paradise singeth upon the twigs of the Tree of Eternity, with holy and sweet melodies, proclaiming to the sincere ones the glad tidings of the nearness of God, calling the believers in the Divine Unity to the court of the Presence of the Generous One, informing the severed ones of the message which hath been revealed by God, the King, the Glorious, the Peerless, guiding the lovers to the seat of sanctity and to this resplendent Beauty.

Verily this is that Most Great Beauty, foretold in the Books of the Messengers, through Whom truth shall be distinguished from error and the wisdom of every command shall be tested.  Verily He is the Tree of Life that bringeth forth the fruits of God, the Exalted, the Powerful, the Great.

O Ahmad!  Bear thou witness that verily He is God and there is no God but Him, the King, the Protector, the Incomparable, the Omnipotent.  And that the One Whom He hath sent forth by the name of ‘Alí¹ was the true One from God, to Whose commands we are all conforming.

Say: O people be obedient to the ordinances of God, which have been enjoined in the Bayán by the Glorious, the Wise One.  Verily He is the King of the Messengers and His book is the Mother Book did ye but know.

Thus doth the Nightingale utter His call unto you from this prison.  He hath but to deliver this clear message.  Whosoever desireth, let him turn aside from this counsel and whosoever desireth let him choose the path to his Lord.

O people, if ye deny these verses, by what proof have ye believed in God?  Produce it, O assemblage of false ones.

Nay, by the One in Whose hand is my soul, they are not, and never shall be able to do this, even should they combine to assist one another.

O Ahmad!  Forget not My bounties while I am absent.  Remember My days during thy days, and My distress and banishment in this remote prison.  And be thou so steadfast in My love that thy heart shall not waver, even if the swords of the enemies rain blows upon thee and all the heavens and the earth arise against thee.

Be thou as a flame of fire to My enemies and a river of life eternal to My loved ones, and be not of those who doubt.

And if thou art overtaken by affliction in My path, or degradation for My sake, be not thou troubled thereby.

Rely upon God, thy God and the Lord of thy fathers.  For the people are wandering in the paths of delusion, bereft of discernment to see God with their own eyes, or hear His Melody with their own ears.  Thus have We found them, as thou also dost witness.

Thus have their superstitions become veils between them and their own hearts and kept them from the path of God, the Exalted, the Great.

Be thou assured in thyself that verily, he who turns away from this Beauty hath also turned away from the Messengers of the past and showeth pride towards God from all eternity to all eternity.

Learn well this Tablet, O Ahmad.  Chant it during thy days and withhold not thyself therefrom.  For verily, God hath ordained for the one who chants it, the reward of a hundred martyrs and a service in both worlds.  These favors have We bestowed upon thee as a bounty on Our part and a mercy from Our presence, that thou mayest be of those who are grateful.

By God!  Should one who is in affliction or grief read this Tablet with absolute sincerity, God will dispel his sadness, solve his difficulties and remove his afflictions.

Verily, He is the Merciful, the Compassionate.  Praise be to God, the Lord of all the worlds.

– Baha’ullah

The Tablet of Ahmad (or Lawh-i-Ahmad) is a tablet written by Bahá’u’lláh, the founder of the Bahá’í Faith, while he was in Adrianople. The exact date is not known, the Tablet is believed to have been written in 1865 to a Bahá’í from Yazd, Iran, named Ahmad.

.3.50 PM Cheryl just sent me lunch, bless her dear soul

Saturday 09 January – Day Six in Home Quarantine, spent all day working on my blog, making phone calls, and responding to inquiries. COVID 19 has really changed the world, how we live and what we do, six days age I could go anywhere I wanted to go, associate whomsoever I wanted to associate with, now I cannot leave the house or interact with anyone.

Sunday 10 January – Day Six of my Home Quarantine

9.30 AM, The Ministry of Health called to tell me that my PCR Test was Negative but I should still remain in Quarantine for a total of 10 days, I should be released on Thursday 14th January.

Monday 11 January – Day Seven of my Home Quarantine

Very stressful day coping with my personal challenges, weighting very carefully the decisions I need to make. Sometimes we are faced with situations which appear to be insurmountable but I console myself with the thought that in there is no permanence in the relative world, all things must end or pass away.

Tuesday 12 January – Day Nine of my Home Quarantine, easy day I cooked and wrote on my blog, made numerous phone calls and cleaned parts of the house.

Monday 18th January – After 10 days in quarantine, I was able to leave the house for essential purposes and limit my association with other humans, today is day 14 and is officially my last day of Home Quarantine.

Sometimes we do not really appreciate the implications of the impact COVID 19 is having on the world and our personal lives. Because I associated with persons who tested positive for COVID 19, I had to be quarantined for 14 days which means that during that time I was not able to leave my house, my plants were dying on the farm and I could not visit them to give them love and water. A friend comes to visit me and I had to politely tell him that due to my situation he cannot enter my house. Fortunately, I had lots of food in the house, and Cheryl and Martin brought me food almost every day, Clem visited the farm and brought me fresh organic foods, I am so thankful for all that they have done for me but now that I am free to go out and do things for myself, I am very mindful that, my job is a high risk one, I have no way of knowing if I will be working with persons who are infected with COVID 19.

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