Innocence Lives On

Innocence Lives On

I sit and stare at the placid ocean, wishing that I could encompass its secrets
The hustle and bustle of the day disturbs my serenity
the struggle to survive is on and one more unwilling soul clings to the handle
of the spinning wheel

This day like all other days will be devoured by the night, the day will
again reclaim its place under the sun and so the cycle will continue, night
will devour day and day will conquer night

Time will mercilessly march on, claiming many lives in its mighty rush;
others will be left to wander aimlessly searching for consolation in what
ever religion or god they choose to embrace

Many will lament the passing of those who are gone; some will ponder the
future of their children not yet born.

Guns will roar, bombs will fall, poisonous gasses will be unleashed, still men will continue to be oblivious of the dying ones’ pleading call.

Fathers will weep and mothers will mourn for the children they have bourn
Disillusioned children will trade their hope for dope
What future have we, you will hear them cry, better to be stoned than to
live a lie.

Confusion in the churches as pundits of religion mislead the credulous and
obfuscate the minds of the innocent.

In the face of the turmoil and confusion, innocence lives on

Somewhere in a little remote village, a mother holds an innocent babe to
her breast, a dog is barking, birds are singing, the shadows of evening
gently adumbrate the flowers in the beautiful little garden in front of the

The mother is softly singing a song for her infant son, whose eyes are half
closed as he drifts into the wonderland of slumber, not hearing the soothing
words of mamma’s song.
“Sleep my son, my little baby bun
have no fear, mummy is here, sleep tight everything is gonna be alright
Morning will bring the sun
daddy mummy and baby will have some fun”

And so in that babe “Innocence Lives On”

Ken George Dill Fort Young Hotel Dominica 2015