Letter To Inge

Letter To Inge

My Dear Friend Inge,

Allah be praised, it is incredible how strong the forces of the mind can be.
Not many nights ago I was sitting in my back yard, thinking about how long is has been since I last heard form you, I wondered if your were in Vienna or if you had gone back to California.

Last night when I came to the Hermitage your letter which was written at the same time I felt a need to communicate with you, was waiting for me.

I do indeed share with you the joy of the precious treasure you are carrying in your womb, may the blessing of Allah be upon you both.
I am one of those who have the most great respect and reverence for the woman “mother”.

In using the word “mother” I do not necessarily apply it to all women who have given birth to children.
The woman who gave birth to me had never been my mother, maybe it is for that reason I have so much respect for women who are truly “mothers”

Knowing you for what you are I am sure that you will be an incomparable “mother”
Frank whom I do not know, I hope that he will play his part as father.

I have never known what it is like to have a mother or a father, alas no, not even for one moment, this is something which has tormented me throughout my life.
I have never experienced what it is like to be hugged, loved or cuddled by my mother or my father.

In this spiritually moribund age when the systems of men have become so morally decadent, it is imperative that parents give their children love and proper guidance.

I trust that by the time you are reading these lines you are a mother fondling a little infant upon your breast.
I was very touched when you mentioned in your letter that you “will always remain a friend” to me.
I respect and honour that friendship immensely, it is so special that our friendship has survived the vicissitudes of chance and time even when the obscurity of distance stand like an infinite column between us.

Inshallah before I take my flight from this mortal world of dust, we may yet meet again and share with greater clarity those thoughts which moved within the realms of our minds during the birth of our acquaintance.
Should fortune deny us that opportunity, let us be thankful for having known each other.

Always remember that you are eternally the friend of


Written in Mandeville Jamaica 1978

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