Madmen And Heretics

1 . In the darkness swords clashed, guns roared
Bombs fell upon the earth, voices cried out in agony
The people of the earth were warring among themselves
In the name of race politics and religion
They slew one another and burnt their cities.

  1. In despair many cried out “where is God,
    Is there no God to save us, if there is no God
    Then let the devil take us
    We would fain go to heaven
    But we will be satisfied with hell”
  2. Suddenly all stood still!
    The voice of God bellowed
    Through the immensity of space
    “O you wretched of the earth!
    Wherefore rebel you against me
    Be still! Know that I Am God!
    You are My servants.
    From dust have I created you
    From the holiness of My spirit
    I breathed into you the Breathe of Life
    Which caused you to become living souls
  3. I have made a covenant between Me and You
    I did according to the exigencies of the times
    Raise up wise ones among you;
    That they may teach you to walk in my ways
    You hearkened not unto them.
    You have repudiated my covenant and rejected My ways
    To worship the works of your idle fancies.
  4. O you sons and daughters of error
    Countless times to your earthly minds
    Have I forgotten your disobedience
    Yet you continued to transgress My Laws
    You have bartered the glory of my Immortal Beauty
    For the ugliness of your own vanity.
    I Am that I AM and I Am God
    I did command you to have love among yourselves
    That there should be peace on My earth
    Even as there is peace in the realms of My Heavens
    You have disobeyed Me, you have waged wars among yourselves.
  5. From the same substance of dust
    Have I created you and your fathers before you
    I did ordain
    That you should be different races
    Even as the flowers and the trees are diverse and different
    I gave unto you the sameness of my spirit
    That you should reflect the oneness of my love
    Wherefore then do you exalt one race superior to another?
  6. You are all my servants
    I Am the only Supreme power
    Within the realms of my creation
    Behold I Am He, before whose power and Might
    All demigods, angels, and spirits
    Bow in servitude, to my omnipotence.
    I Am He Who graspeth the lightening by the flame of its brow
    And hurls it through the vastness of the universe
    That you tremble in fear when you see it.
  7. I am he who walks upon the tempest
    And maketh the sun moon and stars
    Glorify the majesty of My universe
    My voice is like the rolling of a billion thunders
    Let all created things, be aware of their powerlessness
    And acknowledge My Sovereignty and Might.
    Behold I Am Almighty and peerless
    Though there are divers races among you
    I exalt not one race above the other
    The worth of a man lies not in his race or his religion
    Rather within the willingness of his heart
    To achieve excellence and piety.
    The political systems which you have devised among yourselves
    Have only served to cause divisions and wars among you
    All would have been well
    Had you hearken unto my messengers
    Now I shall judge every man
    And reward him according to his deeds
  8. The voice of God ceased to speak
    A great silence fell upon the earth
    The people were greatly troubled
    They cried one to another saying
    “Let us choose a speaker that he may plead our case before God”
    Great confusion came upon the people
    They could not agree on who should be the speaker.
  9. A man whom had been declared a madman and a heretic
    Came forward and said, “ let me speak unto God
    I am already condemned to die;
    Give me this last privilege; let me unburden my soul unto God”
    The Madman was given the privilege to speak to God
    He lifted up his voice and cried out aloud
    “O God! O God! Thou sayest Thou art a God of love
    And thou art a God of Justice.
    Thou art superior to all things in Thy creation
    We are but Thy servants whom Thou created,
    From the sameness of thy spirit
    That we may reflect the oneness of Thy love.
    Why didst Thou then subjected Adam and Eve
    To be tested against the great spirit Satan
    When Thou knowest in thine Heart
    That they could not have resisted the temptation,
    Of so great and powerful a spirit.
  10. Wert Thou showing Thy love
    When Thou cursed Adam and Eve and rewarded them with death
    Because they succumbed to a temptation, thou knowest they could not resist
    Which Thou exercising justice
    When Thou didst confer death upon the offspring of Adam.
    If thou truly lovest thy servants
    Why didst thou cast the sin of Adam upon his posterity
    Surely thou knowest that they were innocent.
    Thou art he who knowest all things
    Why didst thou create the great spirit Satan
    Thou knowest that he would have become evil.
    Thou knowest the great power Satan
    Yet thou didst hurl him out of heaven
    That he should fall with his demons;
    Upon thy defenseless earthly servants.
    Then had thine angel callest out from the loftiness of thy Heavens
    “Woe! Woe! Be unto the inhabitants of the earth;
    For the devil has come down unto you with great wrath”
    How didst thou expect Thy servants
    To keep Thy commandments and obey Thy laws
    After thou had sent them Satan, to plague and torment them.
    Thou knowest that Satan is the foundation of evil
    Thou knowest that Thy servants are helpless against his power
  11. How could Thy servants not lose faith in Thee
    When you are the one who cast Satan upon them
    Allowing him to cause wars and confusion among Thy servants
    Thou knowest how great is the influence of Satan
    Yet Thou didst not restrain him.
    Now when Thou seest how Thy servants are misled
    And cannot find guidance;
    Thou callest down to them,
    “O you wretched of the Earth, wherefore rebel you against me
    Be still and know that I am God and you are my servants”
  12. In truth we are wretched
    Art Thou not He Who made us the wretched of the earth,
    Art Thou not God who created all things
    Art Thou not he Who has knowledge of all things;
    Which were and is to come.
    Didst Thou not know that Adam and Eve would yield to Satan
    Yet Thou didst allow Satan to deceive them
    And Thou didst reward them with death
    But Thou didst let Satan go free.
    Now Thou art still avenging Thyself upon the posterity of Adam
    If we rebel against Thee, Satan is the guilty one;
    Why wilt Thou not destroy Satan
    If Thou destroyest him we will glorify Thee
    But if Thou wilt not destroy him, we shall rebel against Thee
    Thou mayest consume us with fire if Thou so desire”.
    There were many who were wroth
    Against the words of the madman
    They feared that the anger of God would be upon them
    They fell upon the madman and beat him until he was dead
  13. The learned and wise men of religion
    Held a conclave, from which it was decided
    That the only way to make atonement unto God
    Was to burn all madmen and heretics
  14. Four hundred and sixty men pronounced “madmen and heretics”
    Were bound in chains and brought to the foot
    Of the mountain of sacrifice.
    Where fanatics beguiled by ignorance
    Prepared their destruction by fire.
  15. Kazim Anika whose poetry had caused him,
    To be labelled a madman and a heretic
    Was released and given freedom to speak
    Before they were all burned alive.
  16. Kazim Anika, unruffled by the prospect of death
    Calmly surveyed the faces of the multitude,
    Which reflected many deaths and few births
    Slowly like a man gazing beyond the reach of men
    He began his discourse.
    “ let me o life today, stretch forth my hands
    And fill them with the fire of understanding
    So that I will illuminate the faces of these people
    Who out of ignorance sentenced me and my kind to die.
    They have o life been inebriated,
    By the wine of decadent customs and traditions
    Which veil their eyes from the mysteries of life.
    We have dispensed with constricting dogmas
    Which have out lived their usefulness.
    For this o life we are here to suffer death
    We ask not for mercy;
    Mercy is reserved for the guilty
    Of what are we guilty, save the awakening
    Which you o life has kindled in our minds
  17. These o life are men whose fathers before them
    Have cried, “thou shall not kill”
    Yet thou dost witness today the intention of their hearts
    In their foolish minds o life;
    They think, by killing us they will appease God
    Would that they would o life
    Destroy the images of the God they have created
    And seek the will of the God who created them
  18. They may burn and destroy our bodies
    But they cannot touch the will of our spirits
    What we say today with feeble voices
    Shall soon be echoed by the power of forces
    Strong enough to cause even rocks and the trees ,
    To cry out.

21.Let the beacons of truth be kindled o life
Let the mysteries be unraveled.
Let each man be judged of his own deeds
Let him not pass judgement upon his brother
Judgement will be administered at the eternity’s behest
Open thou o life the floodgates of knowledge
Let its luminous waters cleanse the filth of ignorance
From the minds of the men whose visions,
Were obscured before they were born.

  1. O posterity! Posterity! Distant posterity
    For you, we who shall die as madmen and heretics
    Have kindled a torch; let not its flame be extinguished.
    When you have achieved the freedom of your minds
    When you have quaffed from the fountain of living poetry
    Know that the power of its essence;
    Emanated from the flaming spirit
    Of men who died as madmen and heretics.
  2. O ye mighty bulwarks of religion
    The edifice of your hierarchy is falling down
    The houses of falsehood which you have erected
    Upon the minds of the credulous are wavering in the wind

The flaming sword of truth which has long lain buried beneath the sediments of lies and deception has been disinterred.

  1. Kazim Anika ceased speaking
    A great silence fell upon the multitude
    It was as if they were so mesmerized by his words
    They became frozen to the ground upon which they stood.
  2. kazim Anika again began speaking , in a clear ringing voice.
    “ I will now speak of a vision that was revealed to me
    The spirit took me upon a mountain of fire
    I saw the heavens being cleft asunder.
    The Devil abandoned his hell and expired into nothingness
    I saw the triune God of Christendom
    Standing with his left foot in the east
    His right foot firmly planted in the west
    Those who created him were kneeling at his feet pleading,
    “Lord deliver us from the wrath of Satan;
    Save us from our sins, lead us to dwell in the Kingdom of Heaven”
    He answered not.
    Suddenly creation gave birth to a mighty warrior
    Who with a sharp sword smote the god of Christendom
    And he fell upon his face and died.
    Lo the host of Christendom wept with a terrible weeping
    They sought to lay hold upon the mighty warrior
    That they might put him to death,
    But he retreated to the mountains of Kermanshah
    I Kazim Anika saw him standing,
    Upon the consciousness of a chosen few.
    Words of lightning and thunder spewed from his mouth
    The children of Christendom heeded him not
    They were too busy resurrecting their God
    Behold the sons of Islam did march forth
    To make war against the mighty warrior
    They laid hold of him and bound him in chains
  3. He cried in a loud voice saying,
    ‘You may fetter my body with chains
    But you cannot silence the Bul Bul* within me
    It is endowed with the spirit of truth
    Its voice shall be lifted up, all creation will hear its song.
    Know ye o servants of strife
    I am come to unite the children of Adam’s fallen race
    I am the embodiment of Krishna, Moses, Zarathustra,
    Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad.
  • Bul Bul- a Persian nightingale
  1. Interpret this vision, as you will
    I say to you here and now
    Some of you shall live to see children of the cross
    Living in harmony with the children of the crescent moon and stars
    Many of you shall come to know,
    That Allah, Jehovah and Yahweh are one and the same
    That the messages of Krishna, Moses, Zarathustra,
    Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad and the mighty warrior are from the same source,
    We shall now stand ready to die for what we believe”.
  2. Four hundred and sixty men declared madmen and heretics
    Were burnt alive at the foot of the Mount of Sacrifice
    The men of that age had failed to learn from history
    History is asking the question today
    Who were the madmen and who were the heretics?

The Earth is one country and all humans are its citizens Dismiss