Minds In Flux

My Dear Friend

It takes very powerful influence to jerk minds out of established routines.

Being products of our environment and traditional conditionings, we are often reluctant to even examine things which do not conform to the accepted standards of what are normal.

Janet Jackson accidentally bares her breast on national TV and she suddenly becomes a villain.

This comes form a society wreaked in pornography and sexual decadence.

We are conditioned to think that some persons are ugly and some are pretty and we despise the ones we deem ugly.

Yet we profess religions, which declare that all persons were created in the “image of God” and that all humans are the children of the same God.

So then are the so-called “ugly” ones God’s mistake?

We refer to persons as being “successful” based on what they achieve financially.

Those persons we respect and even revere, their names open doors, usually closed to the less affluent, though they have an equal right to the privileges available.

How do you measure the success of a merchant who has millions of dollars and lives in a mansion against a farmer in modest abode who rises with matutinal ecstasy to till the soil with love in his heart, he toils all day and returns at eventide with the fruits of the earth to feed his family.

When he sits at the table to eat, he tells stories of the crops and the elements while the children relate to him the mysteries of science and the complexity of economics.

And what of the young maiden who has been used, abused mistreated and abandoned by society’s privileged sons, does she become a harlot and a reprobate because she seeks comfort and solace in the arms of a poor farmer’s son.

What of the clergyman who castigates and hurls vituperation upon the heads of those he deems to be miscreants? Does not his bible say that “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”. What leader of men is he that would lead others contrary to their own understanding of their sacred scriptures?

What of the business man who exploits the labour of his workers but share not one penny with them from all his gain, still deem he them ungrateful when they seek employment elsewhere.

And what of the Priest who professes holiness to his congregation but in secret molests innocent and defenseless children

Alas my friend, though I stand this day embattled by a plethora of ineffable emotions I yield to no man understanding save when I consider it to supersede mine own.

Though I may have an inveterate propensity to vice, I still believe that within me is the capacity to achieve moral rectitude.

The Earth is one country and all humans are its citizens Dismiss