Missing You

Missing You

Somewhere beyond the rainbows is my hearts desire
The woman who warms my soul with fire
Somewhere beyond the seas on shores afar
She walks shining like a star

When the evenings invite shadows to fall
To my silent heart I can hear her call
When the mornings bring to me the sun
I recall our past days of frolic and fun

From her distant land beyond the sea
I wonder when will she come back to me
I often sit and watch the trees struggle to grow
While my loneliness like a rivulet slowly flow

As the day surrenders willingly to the night
My memories of her are like a shining light
She is to my heart a precious treasure
Far surpassing any value the mind can measure

When I lay upon my bed
To rest my weary head
She is always on my mind
Even in dreams, her memories I always find

The Earth is one country and all humans are its citizens Dismiss