Monday Morning Blues

Monday Morning Blues – White River Jamaica 1976

I awoke loaded with the blues
Didn’t know just what to choose
Killed me a “roach” inside the house
That one surely wasn’t no mouse
I walked outside to meet the day
Who was who and what was what, I couldn’t say

Monday morning blues inside my head
My eyes must be turning red
Rainbows kissed the Ocean’s Blue
As the sun smiled at me and you
The blues is down on me
So I am running to set my spirit free

Hey you green leaf growing wild
Come let me love you like a child
They say because of you I will die
Still I want to love you, let me try
Ha ha, have you heard what I said
I want to feel you inside my head

I see Mr. affectation going down the street
Confusion painted across his feet
Here come a son of Christendom, staring daggers at me
Just because from him I want to be free
Down on the corner the lights are turning red
I can’t tell the living from the dead

Amid the corpses the armour bearers cried
For the warriors who have died
I didn’t know what to say
When clergymen doubted their gods and walked away
Then came angels two by twos
To share my Monday morning blues