Namunkadar Becomes Ling

Chapter Four: Namunkadar Becomes King

The Aginorian people declared Namunkadar king and Ramansen and Ramangban swore fealty unto him.

It came to pass that Numankadar moved his people from what was the city of Feldgikin and went closer to the north to establish the Kingdom of Mignon Angrad, There again Namunkadar planted a special garden of Siliris and he healed all who were infirm, his fame and that of the Siliris spread throughout Olderion, the Siliris was now known as “the magic fruit” which could cure all infirmities. Namunkadar fortified the kingdom with great walls all around it, he appointed Ramansen as captain of his army and Ramangban as his chief counselor.

Every Aginorian over the age of fifteen and under seventy years were made to serve in the army, the training for battle was rigorous and extensive for Namunkadar knew that another war with Brunah was inevitable. The friendship between Namunkadar and Karungax grew, often he would visit Mundakag or Katungax would come to Mignon Angrad, the two kings would spend many hours sharing stories about their different lives, Katungax loved to hear about Anginor and why the Aginorian people chose to come to Olderion.

Katungax told Namunkadar about his life as a young lad and his encounters with Brunah before he became truly evil. Now it came that one night a dream come to Namunkadar, he saw a beautiful woman lying in what seemed like a bed of flowers, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, she was dressed in white and her eyes were closed, she seemed to be dead or dying and there was a voice calling out to him “Namaunkadar son of Ungalar, you are the only one who can save her, she has slipped into the shadow of darkness and only you can bring her back to walk in the light of day, tarry not overlong for she has but a short time to live”.

The spirit of Namunkadar became troubled for this strange dream would visit him every night and he could not tell what was its meaning, he spoke of this to no one.