Namunkadar Comes to Angodrim

Chapter Five: Namunkadar Comes To Angodrim

Now it was eight days since Mandokin had ridden out from Angodrim to seek the fruit of the Siliris, the condition of the princess continued to decline and the king was in despair. As the shadows of evening began spreading its wings over Angodrim, messengers of the king rode in to report that Mandokin was on his way but there were strangers with him. King Esselder was troubled at the news of strangers coming to Angodrim but he was so overjoyed that Mandokin may be bringing the fruits of the Siliris that he gave not further thought to the strangers. At last Mandokin arrived at the palace with king Namunkadar and 20 soldiers from the royal army of Mignon Angrad,.

King Esseldar was astonished at the new comers for he perceived that they were not ordinary people, then Mandokin stepped forward and bowed low before his king and said “your majesty, I present to you the king Namunkadar of the kingdom of Mignon Anggrad he is skilled in the art of healing and has come to the aid of the princess Glembridgen” King Esseldar concealing his astonishment extended his hand and said “welcome your majesty to the kingdom of Angodrim, had I known that Mandokin would be arriving with none less than the king of Mignon Angrad, I would have sent out a royal escort and would have prepared an official reception” Namunkadar shook the extended hand of Esseldar and said “Had Mandokin his way, all that you have said would have been done but I would not have it so for I am not come to Angodrim to observe formalities but to see her that aileth”

Esseldar perceiving that Namunkadar was either mad or foresighted said no more but bid them enter the hall and be seated but Namunkadar said unto the Esseldar “your majesty even now as we speak life is slipping away from the princess, I must go to her at once” Namunkadar was led straightway into the chambers of the princess, when he entered those who were watching him could see him visible trembling and his face was grave, none could know that this was the woman he had been seeing in a dream for over a year.

The princess as she had in the dream appeared to be dead, he was stricken by her beauty and he loved here there and then. When he touched her she was cold and all life seemed to have left her. Now Namunkadar was wise among the Aginorians, he it was of the line of Rangikin who was given to studying the art and lore of healing. It was believed among the Aginorians that Namunkadar could foretell the future and read the minds of others. It was often marveled at, among his people that he had never taken unto himself a wife because as the king of Mignon Angrad, he had no heir, he was the only son of Ungalar.

Namunkadar took leaves of the Siliris and crushed them in his hands then he used them to cover the face of the princess. He then bent over her and muttered words that were incomprehensible to the others. He ordered that four bowls of water be brought and placed one on either side of the bed, one at the head and one at the foot.

Namunkadar then began speaking in a strange tongue which none in Olderion had ever heard before, he started out softly then his voice got stronger those in the room could feel the power in his voice. Suddenly to the astonishment of everyone the water in the four bowls began to move and then to boil and there issued forth steam like unto clouds from the bowls. Namunkadar removed the leaves of the Siliris form the face of the princess and held them over one of the boiling bowls, then he again covered the face of the princess. Time seemed to have stood still as Namunkadar continued to speak in the strange and incomprehensible tongue, then he took hold of the hand of the princes and said so that all could understand “the forces of the evil one no longer control you come home”.

Then he spoke in a loud and terrible voice saying “Glembridgen, princess of Olderion come home, the spell is broken, you are now free, come home” The body of the princes began to twitch and she groaned, then Namunkadar relaxed, smiled at Esseldar and said “the princes will awaken in a few minutes” Namunkadar removed the leaves of the Siliris from the face of the princess and she opened her eyes and said “My lord though I know you not, you have called me, I have come what do you now bid me do?” Namunkadar answered “First you must eat of theses fruits which I have brought you form the orchards of Mignon Angrad” He gave unto the princess a Siliris fruit which she did eat and immediately her strength began to return.

When the princess was aware of her father the king, she looked at him with love and tenderness, “O my father” she cried “from out of the darkness I have come once again into the light but I fear that a new life from which I cannot escape now awaits me” Esseldar was so choked with emotions that he could not speak, he took his daughter into his arms and they both cried like children. Now the news of the miraculous recovery of the princess spread throughout Olderion, king Esseldar called for a one week celebration.

All this time Namunkadar remained in Angodrim and tended the princess but Esseldar was uneasy for he could not ignore the bond which had developed between the princess and the king of Mignon Angrad. Though the Aginorians had now dwelt long in Olderion, thy had never married anyone but their own kind, Esseldar was concerned about where the relationship between Namunkadar and the princess would lead.

He had no sons and the princess was the heir to the throne, when he died she would become queen, if she married Namunkadar then he would become king of both Angodrim and Mignon Angrad, Esseldar was exceedingly troubled, he knew that the illness of the princess was not by chance but by the hand of Brunah, soon Brunah would seek vengeance against Angodrim. He was grateful to Namunkadar for saving the princess’ life but he could see that Glembridgen was in love with the king and that for him was a problem.

Namunkadar was a strange man from beyond the seas, yes he was and enemy of Brunah and that made him almost a friend, yet no one knew why he and his people came to Olderion or what god they served. Why should his daughter which was so dear to his heart be given to this king of unknown origin, he seems like a healer but may very well also be a sorcerer and a evil person. Maybe he wants to use Glembridgen to take over the realm of Angodrim, such were the thoughts of Esseldar while Namunkadar lingered in Angodrim. .

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