Antanka and Anushka

The drama of Antanka and Anushka

Antanka arose from his contemplation, he was troubled in his heart, and he began walking to and fro in his garden.

Anushka noticed his agitation and said unto him, “Why are you lugubrious and forlorn my friend?”

Antanka answered saying “We find ourselves in unfamiliar territory, we are players in a script which we did not write, we may be the primary characters in the script but there are also others in the script, which our actions may negatively impact their lives”.

Anushka unto Antanka,

“The complexity of our drama, is indeed a challenge which will test the strength of our love, our integrity, and our resolve to be selfless, the question we must ask ourselves my dear one is, are we prepared to lose what we have found in each other? to protect the feelings of others”

Antanka said unto Anushka

“What we have found in each other my dear Anushka is truly precious, it comforts our minds and gratifies our hearts.

It opens our consciousness with amazing clarity to what I can only describe as sublimity and bliss transcending the boundaries between a man and a woman. The power of our thoughts and emotions when we hold each other is so intense, that only by stretching our resolve to the limit are we able to preserve the sanctity of moral rectitude.

Anushka said to Antanka

“Tell me, my dear Antanka, how long can our resolve keep our bodies apart, do we, not every day more intensely desire to consummate our love by yielding to the desires of our bodies, are you not now as we speak desiring to taste the succulence of my breasts, and kiss my moist and desirable lips, would you my friend have the moral fortitude to resist me if I offered it all to you? . Consider this my friend if you resist me, while still desiring me, would it be to uphold moral integrity or would it be sexual repression because you fear being a victim of your own innate biological urges prompted by the allure of a desirable woman?

Antanka answered saying “Truthful are your words, Anushka, I deny not that I desire all that you spoke of, but if you do offer yourself to me and I accept, would we not be making a mockery of all the principles we pledged to adhere to, would our vows to uphold moral rectitude not them become vain and empty words we uttered from our lips without the sanction of our hearts.

I believe that even though our bodies yearn to mingle with each other’s, our affinity is not impelled by our bodies but by our souls, these souls happen to be residing in our bodies; to reach out to a soul and express our affections we do so through the body which it is occupying”.

The soul is ageless and eternal; souls will always be attracted to each other regardless of in which body they happen to appear or in whatever time and place”.

Since we are to some extent, still servants of the Modus Operandi of the contingent world, our minds are sometimes not liberated enough to transcend some conditions which appear to be anomalous.

Especially when those conditions or situations are socially anathemas to our brainwashed society.

You spoke to me of sexual repression; there is also social repression and repression of ideas and feelings.

For example, if you were to present to a strong fundamentalist Christian community, that you do not conceive that Jesus is God Almighty, the reaction would be severe, and you would be declared a heretic who will burn in hell.

Because we are aware of the reaction of society, friends, and family we often repress our feelings in order not to incur their wrath even if we truly believe in whatever it is that we will repress to appease them.

The system exists under this grand illusion, which we are all so scared to shatter for fear of being wounded by the falling pieces.

The system fervently keeps alive the myth of a God it has created for its own manipulative purposes and is ever ready to do battle with anyone who refuses to acknowledge that God.

No, my dearest Anushka, I am not denying the existence of God, but I do have trouble with the God some religions created for their own manipulative purposes, such as the duplicitous and insidious use of what are supposedly the words of God to sustain and perpetuate the baneful and pernicious act of slavery, racism, injustice, exploitation and social control of the innocent.

The system demands moral and sexual rectitude from us, yet it teaches us how to kill our enemies and hate those whom we disagree with, or if they are of a race, we consider to be inferior to our own.

Some Religions teach us of a god who condones segregation, a wrathful god who enacts revenge even upon the guiltless.

We are all in lesser or greater degrees slaves to the system or the systems within the greater system.

Dearest Anushka, please do not think for one minute that the purpose of this argument is to justify that you should give unto I Antanka any affection that you are not willing to give.

I have on many occasions told you that “The Freedom of the Human Spirit” is something I respect, even when I consider the expression of that freedom to be flawed.

Freedom of thought and deeds expressed in sincerity are far more noble, (though they may be flawed) than when they are expressed solely for the purpose of appeasing the system or individuals.

Love can never be coerced or possessed, it is a song of the heart, it is like the rays of the sun kissing the sleeping flowers as it announces the coming of the day, it is like the flower freely yielding its nectar to the bee, yet they are not one taking from the other but are partners in the drama of life.

Love is like the night slowly descending upon the forest with tenderness and affection, it is seen by the forest not as a specter of darkness but as a harbinger of plenitude, the forest creatures lift up their voices in song to glorify the night, some plants will close their petals and embrace the joy of slumber.

The eyes of the night will shed their tears upon the grass, which will be nurtured, morning will bring the sun and the grass will welcome its warm rays unmindful of whether the system and its servants approve or disapprove.

I maintain that unless there is a powerful influence to jerk a mind out of its fixed groove, what it conceives and perceives will be its reality even when the reality of that reality is viewed as an illusion by some minds that no longer walk fully awake in their deeper sleep.

Let us be true to ourselves and to the things we believe in, if it is the will of the Great Spirit that we should walk together, then that will be revealed to our hearts.

As kindred spirits, we share a bond that is more sublime than a kiss!!

Anushka said unto Antanka

Aye, my friend your words are like rays of light illuminating my darkness, how can I not yield to your wisdom? I am now convinced that our greater purpose is greater than giving gratification to the longing of our bodies

I am listening to my thoughts as they try to reach out to you, I wish that I could be walking in the forest with you and watch the moon light up your countenance as the wind frolic with your hair.

In my mind’s eye, I see your beautiful smile and I can feel your equanimity as you drink in the soothing vibrations of your surroundings.  

I do sincerely want to work with you to save our world or the smaller world in which our bodies now walk beneath the sun.

I believe that as a team there is much healing that we can bring to this land we love so much.

To heal we need to be worthy of that privilege, if we are to be messengers of healing, we must first be worthy of carrying the message we bring.

We must grow together and prepare ourselves for the challenges we must overcome on this great journey to save our world.


The Earth is one country and all humans are its citizens Dismiss