Nocturnal Houri

Nocturnal Houri

Silently I watched her eyes traverse the skies
Looking for constellations she could name
The golden beams of the moon caressed her face
So beautiful and serene.

I longed to hold her close to me
And feel the beat of her heart.
As I listened to the gentleness of her breath
I yearned to run my fingers through her hair
And gaze at the sparkling glow in her eyes

The mellifluous sound of her voice reciting poetry
Soothed my mind and pacified my spirit
Her presence, the magical sound of the waves
The luminescence of the stars
The music of the night creatures
Created an aura of nocturnal bliss

One gentle kiss from your tender lips
My inner self silently begged
Still I spoke no word
In silence I loved her then
As I did before the night at hand
My heart knew that even without a kiss
I would love her no less than I always will

Jamaica 1978

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