Chapter Two: The Land of Olderion

Before the changing of the world, beyond the seas of Anginor there existed the land of Olderion.

There were three great kingdoms in Olderion, in the north was the kingdom of Angodrim, in the south the kingdom of Mundakag and in he west the evil kingdom of Bangotandrim ruled by the necromancer Brunah.


Bangotandrim was first ruled by the great king Theoduscus, a just king who treated his subjects with kindness. The sons of Theoduscus were Hendril and Brunah. Hendril the oldest son though mighty in battle and wise in lore was humble, he would often visit the houses of the poor and always had a kind word for all who crossed his path, he was loved by the people of Bangotandrim.

Brunah was impetuous, capricious and haughty, he scorned the poor and showed arrogance to most who came across his path.

Now Brunah was jealous of his brother who was loved by all the people, he also hated Hendril because he was next in line to become king. Of all things Brunah wanted most, was to become king of Bangotandrim, if Hendril was to become king then the son of Hendril Would be next in line to be king. In his envy and hate evil entered into the mind of Brunah, secretly he began visiting necromancers and delved in evil things. Long he studied the art sorcery and communicated with fell spirits from the underworld.

It came to pass that Brunah and Hendril were out hunting in the woods and evil and anger was come upon Brunah, he drew his sword and slew Hendril while his back was turned. Then Brunah wounded himself and caused his clothes to be smeared with blood, he returned to the palace and reported that while they were hunting in the woods, masked men come down from the mountains into the woods and fell upon them, Hendril was slain and he had barely escaped with his life.

Now the king was devastated by this news, believing the story of Brunah he ordered that the body of Hendril should be found and brought to the palace and that the royal army should find the men responsible for the prince’s murder and bring them to the hall of judgement. When the soldiers had departed in pursuit of the killers, Brunah said to the king, “Sire, If I may but tend my wound, I will again set out to find the men who killed my brother for I cannot find peace while they yet live”.

The king answered, ” be swift then, I shall ride with thee, I too shall not find peace ere the death of my son is avenged” Brunah led the king upon the way leading to the Chandrass Gorge which was three thousand feet deep. Now when they were come nigh unto the gorge, Brunah by means of sorcery caused the king’s horse to be filled with madness and it jumped over the gorge bearing him to his death.

Then Brunah remembered the words of Katungax “Behold I say unto you this day the blood of your closest kin is already upon your hands though they yet live” Brunah swore that before long he destroy the kingdom of Mundakag and he would devise the most horrible torture for Katungax. When the night was come Brunah returned to the palace and he was greeted by the soldiers who had returned with the body of Hendril.

Brunah wept like one in great distress and he could not be consoled. Amid his tears and lamentations he said, “my father the king and I were pursuing the killers of my brother and when we came to the gorge of Chandrass a great Womble cat came upon us and the horse of my father was filled with fear and it jumped over the gorge bearing my him to his death.” “Alas for Bangotandrim, wailed Brunah, for in one day it is bereft of its king and prince.” “Had it not been for the men of the mountains who have slain my brother my father would still be alive,” “Hear me o ye faithful of Bangotandrim, we shall not rest until my father and my brother are avenged” There was great weeping and mourning in all of Bangotandrim for the king and the prince were loved by all. Now Brunah was wrathful because of the devotion of the people to the king and the prince but he feigned affection for them and incited them to anger with fiery words.

“People of Bangotandrim” he vociferated “I know that my loss is no greater than yours, I know you feel with me the agony of having lost my father and my brother who were the king and prince of this great kingdom.” “These were men who had striven to serve you the people, they loved you even as you have loved them, we cannot allow them to go down into emptiness un avenged, the men of the mountains are responsible for this evil which has befallen us.”

“My people” said Brunah, “marvel not that I should call you my people for I am now your king, I shall now lead you to great glory but first we must find and punish those who are responsible for the death of my father and my brother”. Now Brunah caused innocent men from the mountains to be brought before him and he pronounced death upon them, he had them gibbeted and their stomachs slashed with swords so that their bowels gushed out, then their bodies were thrown upon the fields, that beasts may devour their flesh.

Then Brunah had a fortress built around the palace of Bangotandrim and he began training his people for war, ” we must make Bangotandrim strong” he said so that none may assail us. Brunah had dungeons built and any who opposed him were confined to them until they died. As the years went by Brunah sank deeper and deeper into evil, he brought into the fortress necromancers hideous beasts and flagitious men who were worshippers of demons form the under world.

He became a king most nefarious and tyrannical, anyone who opposed him would be put to death. Brunah now openly declared himself as a necromancer with great powers, it is said that he was capable of driving men to madness by looking into their eyes. He cross bred beast with men and produced horrible creatures which he named Briz Bulags, Now the Briz Bulags were terrible in appearance, they had feet and bodies like unto beasts and heads like unto men but horrible and frightening to behold. Many more flagitious and terrible creatures did Brunah produce and trained then in evil and Bangotandrim became a place of dread.

The Kingdom of Mundakag

The kingdom of Mundakag was in the west of Olderion it was ruled by the king Katungax who was a fierce enemy of Brunah. The father of Katungax, king Ildigax was a friend of king Theoduscus of Bangotandrim, during the reign of Tehoduscus, king Ildigax along with his eldest son and heir to the throne of Mundakag, Katungax, often visited Bangotandrim. Katungax became close friends with prince Hendril, the two princes often went riding and hunting together.

Brunah hated Katungax and showed it openly, Katungax from his early youth was a lad foresighted and he perceived much that happened in the world and in people’s minds. Katungax knew that Brunah was delving in evil and he said this to Hendril but Hendril did not believe that his younger brother was capable of such folly, he thought that his friend was giving way to his imagination. Brunah secretly planned to kill Katungax, one day when Katungax and Hendril had just come back from riding Brunah met them in the hall with two mugs of ale and said “you must both be thirsty form your long ride I have brought you cool drinks to quench your thirst.” Brunah handed one mug to Hendril but when he approached Katungax, he could not look him in the face and Katungax perceived that Brunah had evil in his heart.

Katungax took the mug of ale and thanked Brunah, then he said “Brunah would you please see to my horse I am tired and sore and must rest a little, while I drink this ale” Brunah departed with an evil smile but said no word, Hendril went to speak with his father leaving Katungax alone for a moment, straightway Katungax beckoned a maid to bring him a mug of ale, which he started sipping.

Now when Brunah returned Katungax approached him and said, “Brunah you must now be thirsty I have had another drink and saved you the ale you brought me will you not sip with me.? The face of Brunah twisted and contorted with rage and he hissed “I am not thirsty” Katungax replied “come now Brunah will you refuse to drink with your guest?” Brunah took the mug and said that he had to see about an important matter, but Katungax stopped him saying “What is the hurry Brunah, this is very good ale will you not drink with me”, then Brunah perceiving that Katungax knew that the ale was poisoned, he let the mug fall from his hand and pretended that it was an accident.

Then Katungax said unto Brunah “Behold I say unto you this day that the blood of your closest kin is already upon your hands even though they yet live” Brunah departed without answering. Now after the death of king Theodoscus and Hendril Brunah became king of Bangotandrim. King Ildigax one day suddenly became ill and died the following day. The doctors in Mundakag could not tell what was the cause of the king’s death and Katungax was troubled by this but he kept all thoughts of the cause of his father’s death to himself.

After the death of the king Ildigax and Katungax became king, one day a messenger from Bangotandrim arrived in Mundakag and announced that he had an important message from the king of Bangotandrim to be delivered to the king of Mundakag, he was brought before Katunfax. “What is your message” asked Katungax, the messenger handed Katungax a sealed envelope which he opened and took out the letter which it contained.

The letter read “Thou hast wept for the death of thy father and soon others shall weep for thee, you have but a short time to be king for I am the rightful king of all Olderion enjoy your reign while it lasts” Katungax was very thoughtful, then he said unto the messenger of Brunah, “Say unto Brunah, the greatest evil that a man can do is to shed the blood of his father and his brother, but death comes to all men, its just a matter of how and when”. “Yes I weep for my father but he that caused his death shall not go unpunished” Katungax knew that war would soon be upon him and he began preparing the realm of Mundakag. Angodrim In the north the kingdom of Angodrim was ruled be the king Esselder who seldom traveled beyond his realm.

The king was considered to be very reclusive but very wise, when he learnt of the death of king Theoduscus and his son Hendril he had a premonition that much trouble would come upon the land of Olderion. Esselder had two daughters but no sons, he wife queen Breenshel died after the birth of their last daughter Elderbren. Glembridgen his oldest daughter was heir to the throne and the closest companion and confidant of the king. There was peace in Angodrim for Brunah had not yet stretched forth his hand into the north, still the king prepared for war for he knew that the evil of Brunah would one day come upon even his blessed realm.