Peru 2014

Hiking The Inca Trail In Peru
With my Tour Guide at Machupichu

Funny story about this tour guide, I don’t recall her name. At the end of the most brutal day of the 5 day hike, when we got to Camp, the tour leader told us to “be careful where we put our shoes because they may disappear. I assumed he meant that someone may steal our shoes. After showering in freezing water, I changed into my cleanest dirty clothes and went to line up for dinner, while I was in the line I turned around and saw someone in a hood trying to enter my tent, I rushed down to the tent uttering a spate unmentionables in Spanish, grabbed the person and threw what I taught to be him on the ground, can you imagine how shocked I was when I heard a female voice saying “Que Esta haciendo Esta loco” she was trying to fix something on my tent, hence I coined the phrase “you shouldn’t believe everything you see’
Yvan Gearing Up For Zip Lining
With Yvan in Lima Peru
I eventually lost 9 toenails on the hike
Yvan Hiking in the Sacred Valleys of Peru
Yvan In Cusco Peru
At Machupichu with my Tour Guide Miguel
Urubamba Valley

Sacred Valleys In Peru